How Far You Have Fallen From Your Pudding Pop Days….




Well now would you look at what the Pudding Pop man has done now, Bill Cosby was once the iconic Cliff Huxtable, America’s best known father and husband. Now it just appears Cosby is a serial rapist. I find it strange how the media never really picked up on the controversy until recently, even though over the years there have been many accusations made against him. He even gave a sworn deposition ten years ago where he admitted to drugging women and having sex with them, he used his position in the entertainment industry to entice women, then take advantage of them…A true Predator.

Perhaps calling him a Predator is too harsh, in his deposition he referred to himself as a caviler playboy, he said he used a combination of fame, apparent concern and most importantly powerful sedatives in his calculated pursuit of younger women…Yeah, okay Predator seems right.

When this story truly started to take hold in the mainstream media, people seemed blown away that Bill Cosby could be a Rapist, He has always been America’s father figure, a public moralist, to me he was the goddamn Pudding Pop man, the purest of pure, someone I could entrust my kids to for a weekend getaway. So you can imagine my shock to find out the Pudding Man was “Pudding” it to drugged up women.

Bill the Predator, boasted he was skilled in picking up the nonverbal cues that signaled a woman’s consent, he went on to say “I think I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things, whatever you want to call them.”  I guess he is referring to the moment the women passed out from being drugged by him, that was his  “cue”  to rape them…I mean semi-consensual sex with them. And by “semi-consensual” I mean he consent to raping them.

If Bill was any random dude from the block and was accused of raping multiple women he would be in jail. But thanks to his money and influence he has never been charged with a crime, and he continues to deny the accusations of sexual assault that dozens of women have leveled against him. Although he is being sued in civil court by at least three women who accuse him of sexual misconduct, maybe they can’t get him locked up, but perhaps they will get money from him, it’s something I guess.

What is of interest to me is how Cosby’s wife has stuck by his side, at least in the public. How could she not be aware of his womanizing? During his deposition Cosby described some of the lengths he went to in hiding his behavior from her. Like funneling money to one woman, “Hush” money, through his agent so his wife wouldn’t find out.  Perhaps she was having her own affair with the trappings of wealth and her husband’s fame, so she overlooked his rapist’s tendencies…But that is only speculation.

But one thing is for certain, the Pudding Man is no longer America’s favorite father, those days are now long gone, it appears his final legacy will be one of a Predator, a Rapists of women.

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