Let Me Share My Outrage…

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So is it just me, or is anyone else upset that President Obama hasn’t ordered the flags at the White House and other government buildings to be flown at half-staff to honor the four Marines and one Navy seaman that were murdered by Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, during his terrorist attack in Chattanooga this past week? In the past Obama has issued Presidential proclamations that lowered the flags at federal facilities and military bases after many mass shootings, including the attacks at the Washington Navy Yard, Fort Hood terror attack and Sandy Hook. The lack of any proclamation or action by Obama in this Terror Attack is certainly sparking outrage….And let me be clear I am one of those that is outraged.

At the White House press briefing on Monday the spokesman for the White House was asked why President Obama hasn’t ordered the flags to be lowered to show respect to our fallen heroes. The spokesman did not have any answer. President George W. Bush called for flags to be lowered for six days after 32 people were murdered in an attack at Virginia Tech in April 2007…Perhaps Obama could take a page from 43’s playbook.

Honestly, I don’t like having to always be critical of Obama’s actions, I want to be able to be supportive of our President, after all he is the leader of the free world and all that. But President Obama has demonstrate time and again that he is the worst President we have ever had in office.  But he was elected twice…Of course he was, when you hook the citizens of your country on free stuff from the government people are not going to want to lose that stuff, also I believe the majority of the country is populated by Simpletons!

Another thing that troubles me about President Obama is the fact he is so hesitant about acknowledging we are at war with radical Islam, and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply naive. This war is not like conventional wars of the past, where your enemy wears a uniform and faces you head on. No this war is being waged by cowards, who kill innocent women and children simply to bring fear to the population. There is no reasoning with them, there is no diplomatic solution to this problem, the only way to win this war is to destroy them, make them live in constant fear of a missile being launched by one of our drones, give them no place to hide, no time to rest. Destroy their safe havens in Syria and Iraq. Hunt them down in Libya, Tunisia and everywhere else they seek refuge. One way to stop their recruitment of new fighters who seem to be flocking to the Middle East is to make them seem less attractive, if they are constantly being hunted down and wiped out it will certainly cut down on their new recruitment numbers.

I recently had a conversation with someone who said that the United States really isn’t affected by Radical Islam, that most of the attacks take place elsewhere. Well it’s true we don’t see a lot of major attacks here in our country, we face more lone wolf type attacks,  but to say we are not affected by Radical Islam is totally incorrect. I understand why most Americans like to sugarcoat things when it comes Muslims and Islam, we don’t want to offend the peaceful Muslim-Americans living here in our country. But I ask you this, where are all these peaceful, moderate Muslim-Americans at? Why aren’t they more vocal in their outrage when terrorist attacks happen? Why aren’t there more Muslim-American leaders speaking out against the horrible atrocities being carried out by ISIS? I know if Christians were running around beheading innocent Muslims they would certainly be outraged, perhaps they would even have protest marches in Washington, a million Muslim March. But I guess they aren’t too upset when ISIS beheads Christians in Syria, or kills tourists Tunisia.

It’s true that ISIS and other terrorist shitbags like them kill more Muslims than anyone else, but I’m not Muslim, I’m not Syrian or Iraqi, I’m an American, I am proud to be an American. I only have enough care left in me to worry about my country and my people. So I think we do have a problem with Radical Islam here in America, and even one act of terror is one too many.

And just so you’re on the same page as me, I want to share some statistics with you.  Since 9/11 Muslims have killed at least 66 people in 41 separate acts of terrorism in the United States (by the standards that Muslim-American groups set for hate crimes).  Perhaps more importantly, there have been plenty of mass murder plots against Americans by Islamic terrorists that were thwarted by the FBI, law enforcement and overseas intelligence operations both before and after 9/11, as well as several that were simply botched, such as the attempt to blow up Times Square.

By contrast, Muslim-Americans do not appear to be in any special danger from murderous (non-Muslim) religious fanatics, even in a nation awash in firearms.  Identity groups, such as CAIR, whine incessantly about relatively trivial incidents while turning a blind eye to the horrible violence that is meted out daily in the name of their religion.  This distasteful petulance offers insight not only into the character of Islam, but also America’s impressive religious tolerance.

The following are cited terrorist acts, as covered by the standards set by Muslim-American groups here in our country, these all happened since President Obama was sworn into office.


Date        Country     Location      Killed  Injured        Event

2/12/2009   USA   Buffalo, NY         1       0              The founder of a Muslim TV station beheads his wife in the hallway for seeking a divorce.

4/12/2009   USA   Phoenix, AZ        2        0              A man shoots his brother-in-law and another man to death after finding out that they visited a strip club, in contradiction to Islamic values.

6/1/2009     USA   Little Rock, AR   1        1              A Muslim shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center explicitly in the name of Allah.

11/2/2009   USA   Glendale, AZ      1          1              A woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too ‘Westernized.’ (10-20-09)

11/5/2009   USA    Ft. Hood, TX     13        31           A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah.

12/4/2009   USA   Binghamton, NY  1        0              A non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim grad student in revenge for ‘persecuted’ Muslims.

4/14/2010   USA   Marquette Park, Il  5       2              After quarreling with his wife over Islamic dress, a Muslim convert shoots his family members to ‘take them back to Allah’ and out of the ‘world of sinners’.

4/30/2011   USA   Warren, MI         1           0              A 20-year-old woman is shot in the head by her stepfather for not adhering to Islamic practices.

9/11/2011   USA    Waltham, MA    3            0              Three Jewish men have their throats slashed by Muslim terrorists.

1/15/2012   USA    Houston, TX       1            0              A 30-year-old Christian convert is shot to death by a devout Muslim for helping to convert his daughter.

11/12/2012  USA    Houston, TX       1            0              A 28-year-old American man is shot to death by a conservative Muslim over an alleged role in converting a woman to Christianity.

2/7/2013      USA   Buena Vista, NJ  2            0              A Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants.

3/24/2013    USA   Ashtabula, OH   1              0              A Muslim convert walks into a church service with a Quran and guns down his Christian father while praising Allah.

4/15/2013   USA    Boston, MA        3            264         Foreign-born Muslims describing themselves as ‘very religious’ detonate two bombs packed with ball bearings at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and causing several more to lose limbs.

4/19/2013   USA    Boston, MA        1              1              Jihadists gun down a university police officer sitting in his car.

8/4/2013    USA     Richmond, CA   1              0              A convert “on a mission from Allah” stabs a store clerk to death.

3/6/2014    USA    Port Bolivar, TX  2              0              A Muslim man shoots his lesbian daughter and her lover to death and leaves a copy of the Quran open to a page condemning homosexuality.

4/27/2014  USA    Skyway, WA       1              0              A 30-year-old man is murdered by a Muslim fanatic.

6/1/2014    USA    Seattle, WA        2              0              Two homosexuals are murdered by an Islamic extremist.

6/25/2014  USA   West Orange, NJ   1             0              A 19-year-old college student is shot to death ‘in revenge’ for Muslim deaths overseas.

9/25/2014  USA    Moore, OK          1              1              A Sharia advocate beheads a woman after calling for Islamic terror and posting an Islamist beheading photo.

7/16/2015   USA   Chattanooga        5              2              A ‘devout Muslim’ stages a suicide attack on a recruiting center at a strip mall and a naval center which leaves five dead.

Now I consider myself a pretty tolerant person, I don’t believe anyone should infringe upon another’s religious beliefs, but if your religious beliefs refer to ME as the Infidel, then perhaps YOU are the one who isn’t tolerant enough. I am just getting really tired of Innocent Americans being killed in our own country, I’m tired of our leadership ignoring the facts. We are the greatest country on earth, this is the land of the free and home of the brave, it’s time we stand up and say enough! It’s time we go “All In” on this fight.

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