Your Cat Is Talking To You…Are You Listening?

An American In Montana


I have been doing a lot of research lately as to why Cats behave the way they do.  I know, I’m not technically an expert on the subject as of yet but I am just going to pretend I am.  Besides this is on the Internet and everyone knows you can only put accurate information on the Internets, it’s some kinda of law or something.

The one area in particular that I focused most of my research on was how Cats communicate, and why they do it. Unless you were dropped on your head as a baby, I’m sure you have figured out that Cats make a  “Meow”  sound when they communicate. For example, in the mornings your Cat may sit outside your bedroom door making desperate and highly annoying Meow sounds, this is to wake you up and notify you of your transgression, you selfishly and with utter malice, locked…

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