My Theory On The 8.5 Degrees Of Facebook Separation In Helena, Montana.

An American In Montana


I’ve been doing some research for a paper I’m not writing for a class I’m not taking, but it has to do with the “8.5 Degrees of Facebook Separation” that takes place in this small town I live in. Helena, MT. really isn’t that big, it seems everyone knows you, has heard of you, or knows rumors about you. But when you add social media to the mix, suddenly everyone knows everything because everyone is connected to someone by 8.5 degrees of separation. It’s based off the old Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon thing.

Now I could use charts and graphs to explain how this works but, I’m not very good with those things and frankly that’s boring, so try to follow along as I explain my theory of the “8.5 Degrees of Facebook Separation in Helena, Montana.”

Alright we start off with ME adding YOU because you’re my…

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