I’m Really Getting Tired Of All The Controversy Regarding My Pirate Flag!



For as far back as I can remember I have always been a huge supporter of the Pirate Flag or the “Jolly Roger” as some of us prefer to call it. I always considered it a symbol of our Piracy heritage, the desire to plunder and pillage others in order to sustain the lifestyle we so desire. I had considered those scallywags who belittled it to be feeble and narrow-minded, usually their intent was to remove this symbol of my heritage, to dishonor the great history of Pirating. Their ridiculous petty political correctness and partisanship, was never able to defeat the rich history that the skull and crossbones represented. But sadly times are changing, and so do people, and I am now making it known to all who will listen that from this day forward I am beginning my quest to discover the lost city of  El Dorado.

It wasn’t all that long ago, actually like yesterday, you may have seen me in my car with the  Jolly Roger  bumper sticker so proudly displayed on it, I was unwilling to listen to those who suggested I remove it. But that was before I watched the Disney movie of  El Dorado.  Now, you’re likely to find me wearing my lost city explorer outfit, which is modeled after the outfit Indiana Jones wore. My Stetson, Bullwhip and Revolver will forever be my trademark look.

It has taken me nearly 45 years to reach this point in my life. My Mom, a direct descendant of legendary Pirate Crusty Karl, she taught me our families rich Pirating history and through her I learned to revere the black flag of Piracy.  My Mom, never one to believe in Disney fairy-tales frowned upon my decision to chase my dream, she secretly hoped I would join up with the Pirates of the Caribbean. But this is who I am, an explorer, a lost city finder!

I will admit I never stopped to consider all the troubling things the Jolly Roger  stands for, illegally gained goods, plundering, looting, walking the plank, and eye patches. To me, it simply stood for my family’s heritage, a long lost way of life, nothing more. As I have begun to learn about searching for  El Dorado,  it means something to me as well, Hope and Change…the Hope that I can find the lost city and Change my financial status.

I feel I have truly come a long way, and I’m really enjoying my new Bullwhip.

I know we could debate the true meaning of the Pirate Flag and whether it’s justified to continue supporting it, but really, at the end of the day, all I really know is that searching for  El Dorado  means new adventures for me, a new legacy to pass on to my children, one that doesn’t involve controversy. Because searching for lost cities is what America was built on, it really doesn’t get any more American than that.

And that my friends is something everyone, whether you are a Liberal or Conservative or a Northerner or Southerner can agree with….Now you will have to forgive me, but I must go find my destiny in  El Dorado!

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