What Did The Flag Do This Time?




Maybe I need to re-think my opinion regarding this whole debate going on about the Confederate Flag, after the recent shooting in South Carolina there had been mass outrage and rightly so, it was a terrible incident carried out by a deeply troubled white guy.

Unfortunately sometimes when these mass shootings happen instead of focusing the blame solely on the perpetrator, some people and some media outlets look for others things to also blame, like guns, education, mental health, and now flags.

Look I am not a Southerner and I could care less about the Confederate Flag, but I do care about history, and the preservation of our Nations history, the good and bad parts of it, I think there is a trend in our education system where history is whitewashed, depending on who’s in charge and it usually is a Liberal, some parts of our Nation’s history and growth have been changed or simply removed, you can’t act like event’s never happened, you are not doing our youth any favors by teaching them a false history.

So I really don’t know where I stand on the flag itself, to me it is just another part of our Nation’s history and should be looked at as such, I can also understand some perspective’s that it represents slavery, but we as a Nation got past that, we grew stronger because of the struggles we faced in overcoming slavery and that flag is part of that struggle, so I think it shouldn’t be removed from our society, to do so would be foolish and would solve nothing.

But I wanted to see if there was any truth to what some on the Left were saying, that the Confederate Flag was to blame for the shooting in South Carolina, and for many other crimes committed that didn’t get as much media attention. So I did some research using the most powerful tool known to man…Google. And I was shocked at what I found out, perhaps these crazy Liberals are right, maybe the Confederate Flag is nothing more than a Thug.

In 1974, West Monroe, Louisiana… a local gas station was robbed at gunpoint by a drunken Confederate Flag,  the attendant one Pak Man Sulliman, said the flag demanded all the money in the register, and a cartoon of Lucky Strikes. The flag was never apprehended.

In 1980, Lubbock, Texas…A Piggly Wiggly Market was robbed by two armed Confederate Flags wearing ski masks, store manager, Elbert Dinkins said that the two flags were very polite, and treated the womenfolk very kindly, the two flags made off with $385.00 and a jar of pickled pigs feet sitting on the counter. No arrests were made.

In 1988, Pensacola, Florida… A police officer pulled over a Chrysler Le Baron , driven by a Confederate Flag, the car turned out to be stolen and when the officer attempted to arrest the suspect flag, the Confederate Flag  drove off, a brief chase ensued, but the officer called off the chase when the flag began driving reckless in a high traffic area. The car was later recovered but no arrests have ever been made in the case.

And lastly, in 2004, Charlotte, North Carolina… A Confederate Flag attempted to rob a check cashing shop, but when the store employee refused to comply the Confederate Flag  fluttered off without any money. No arrests have been made in the case.

I hope you can see the message in my humor, Flags, Guns, Knives, Pencils, Ski Masks, etc. None of these things are to blame when crimes are committed, just the individuals committing the crime are at fault. So start focusing your anger and outrage where it belongs, and for the love of all things American leave our history alone!

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