What Two Consenting Adults Do In Their Own Bedroom Or Hotel Room Is None Of My Concern…Just The Creators Concern!




They say that Montana is a place where everyone is supposed to be considered equal. Nearly every day I see people on Facebook talking and arguing about how we all just need to respect everyone’s right to free speech, and we need to respect citizen’s rights to bear arms, and of course to respect people’s freedom of religion.  So, when it comes to matters of the heart, you know, who we as adults choose to love and have relationships with, why is it people feel they have some sort of say in that area?  I mean really, as long as someone’s intimate relationship with the person they feel they love at that moment doesn’t affect you, what right do you have to say anything?

So in my humble opinion, whatever tawdry affairs that go on in someone’s own bedroom is between them and the  God  they are choosing to spite due to their sinful and illicit acts.

I consider it absolutely none of my business what you and your depraved sex partner choose to do in the privacy of your bedroom, Only a  Higher Power  will judge and most likely smite you down and cast you into a fiery hell for all eternity.  But like I said it’s none of my business, you both are most likely consenting adults and I know I dislike when others judge me, so I will not judge how you choose to provoke and spit in the eyes of your  Omnipotent  and  Omniscient  deity.

I know from my own experiences  Love  can make us do stupid things, so it’s none of my concern if you and your sex puppet decide to make your bedroom a “Sodom and Gomorrah”  in front of the  Higher Power  you so adamantly want to provoke.

Now I know if I had a partner, she and I would certainly not provoke the wrath of the  Creator  in our humble abode.  But I won’t judge those people who might instead spend their time frothing at the mouth at the chance to scorn the  All-Powerful  being who holds your very fate in his hands.  But who cares right? If a couple who is currently in love for the day wants to bring hell fire and eternal damnation upon themselves that should be kept private, a bond shared only between them and the  Almighty.  Let’s just leave the judging and finger pointing up to a  Higher Power.

I’m pretty sure it’s still 2015, I can’t believe we really need to have this discussion…

Okay so the bottom line is, whatever happens in private, between two consenting adults, is their business and the  Gatekeeper  to Heaven and Hell  to decide…Not YOU and certainly not me, that’s something for their  Holy Father  and the two love birds who have taken a vow to prod Him until their rapidly approaching Judgement Day!


  1. mik1999 · July 4, 2015

    It sure sounds like you’re judging


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