When Did You Lose Your Innocence?



I know the world we live in isn’t perfect, there are a lot of crazies out there killing people, there is a racial divide in our country that seems to have only gotten worse, I believe in a small part by our leadership who have fanned the flames of hate and have only pointed fingers instead of dealing with the real issues, and No,  it isn’t guns, or a flag, or even  American Exceptionalism…It’s the culture of dependency in our inner cities, black kids grow up in poverty, broken homes, violence, gangs. They are not taught to respect authority so when they are confronted with it they re-act negatively.

Mass shootings always get the headlines, and if the victims are black the President will even show up at your funeral and sing Amazing Grace, but what goes ignored are the roughly thirty homicides daily, which doesn’t include the people who are shot but just wounded. Most of these deaths occur in the inner cities, and the majority are black and they are all killed by other blacks. This should be the headline each day, the inner cities are war zones and nothing seems to be done to change it, you would think our first black President would try and make a major push to change the cycle of violence, you would think he would care enough about his own people to fight the hard fight, regain order, give Police the support and authority to go into these areas and clean them up.

Okay so I guess I could see why some people are negative and maybe even a little depressed. But if you look past all the bullshit out there you can see we truly live in an Amazing country. When you wake up in the morning you should get on your knees and thank your God that you have been given the gift of another day in the land of the free.

So stop and think for a minute, at what age did you lose your innocence? When were you first given a taste of how the real world works? There are people who think humans in general are naturally violent and savage beasts. Perhaps at some point in our history this could have been said about us all, but as societies became more industrialized and our standard of living rose, we became more civilized and passive. But you can clearly see areas of our planet that have not kept pace with technology and industry, so their standards of living are much lower and there is more violence and unrest in those areas. The Middle East is a great example of this.

I do my best to see the good in people, I try not to judge them based on appearance or rumors, just because one person doesn’t like someone doesn’t mean I wouldn’t, so I try not to be so closed minded in those areas. But I am human, and I’m prone to being human, so sometimes I may unfairly judge people or cultures because of the acts of a few, maybe I do this because I allow myself to get in a Negative frame of mind, I should always be looking for the positives in all difficult situations.

So from now on anytime I see something that is a negative, like when I see one culture or religion do something to harm or instill fear into another, I will try and find the positives in their messages that way I won’t allow myself to be sucked into their world of anger and negativity, I think this is something YOU should attempt to do as well, who knows maybe it will give you a better outlook on life. For example when I look at a video of Muslim Terrorists beheading Christians on a beach, instead of focusing on the brutality and injustice of it all, I will find beauty in the ocean, I will just keep focused on the waves as those innocent Christians heads drop into the sand. After all if our President can do it, then I know I can as well.

Back to the loss of Innocence, when I see little kids running around in the park, laughing and playing, not a care in the world, I wonder at what point do we lose that sense of joy and happiness? At what point do we lose our Innocence? Maybe as a Nation we lost our Innocence on 9/11, we lost over three thousand people, innocent civilians, on that tragic day, but it seems like now a days we have forgotten about that, or maybe we just ignore it. I just hope we don’t lose our Innocence yet again to another terrorist act. We need to remember what happened in the past, the lessons we learned, and who are enemies truly are, otherwise history will repeat itself.

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