The One And Only Time I Hope The Poor Little Rich Girl Wins….




I have never been one that idolizes or even likes celebrities or athletes, they are not worthy of such praise in my opinion and I think people who do idolize them are just ridiculous.  If you want to look up to someone, try a Soldier, Policeman, Fireman or a Teacher, these are people who serve their communities and their nation, for very little pay and in most cases at extreme risk to their own safety.  Now that is the type of person I would want my kids to look up too as Hero’s.

But something did catch me eye recently and it involved a celebrity named  Paris Hilton,  she is a celebrity that I dislike, to me she is just famous for being rich, she was given everything in life because of her wealthy family.  I don’t dislike her because she is rich, I believe in the free-market system, if you can do something to make money then you should be paid whatever the market is willing to pay you.  I don’t like her because she became famous for no other reason than just being a spoiled rich girl, she has no talents to speak of, and it just amazes me what people will accept as a celebrity these days.

Anyways, so  Paris Hilton  got pranked by some Arab TV show, she was flying in a plane with a bunch of people who were all in on the prank, this element added to the intensity of the situation.  So supposedly it started out as a quick 15 min. sightseeing flight over Dubai, then the plane which was piloted by a professional stunt pilot began to nosedive, naturally this caused poor  Paris  to freak out because she thought she was going to die.

I watched the video of the whole  “prank”  it was actually pretty authentic looking to me, if I was in that little plane and it was behaving the way it was I also would have probably freaked out. In the video you can hear alarms going off and the other passengers (who were all in on the prank)  began screaming along with poor little  Paris,  you can tell that she genuinely believed she is going to die.  At some point during the video it shows two of the “passengers”  jump out of the plane (with parachutes on of course) it wasn’t until the plane safely landed that  Paris  is finally informed that it was all a prank.

In the end  Paris  was rightly pissed off at the Arab pranksters, and is now threatening to sue everyone that was involved in the stunt for emotional distress.  So in my opinion if someone ever pulled something like this on me I would have literally kicked everyone’s ass that was involved with the prank, it seems like these extreme stunt and prank videos are getting more and more out of control, they push people to their emotional breaking point just for the pleasure of the person shooting the video.

So I may not like  Paris Hilton,  but I can sympathize with her on this one incident, this is one time that I hope the poor little rich girl wins.

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