The Mysterious Death Of Ms. Kitty And My Improved Artistic Abilities…




It was about four months ago when I lost my beloved cat to a horrible ceiling fan accident, I was really very close to  Ms.Kitty, even though she couldn’t stand me, but regardless in the months that have followed the accident I was really beginning to fear I would never completely recover from  Ms.Kitty’s  sudden and unusual death.  But luckily that all changed when I started channeling my grief into  Art,  my Art  lets me transform my emotional feelings into  “Emotional Artwork”  and also I found out  Ms.Kitty  isn’t actually dead.

For the first few months after  Ms.Kitty  passed away, I was an emotional and physical wreck.  I am even releasing tears as I type this today, because I can’t help but remember the incredible pain I went through the first few days after I heard about  Ms.Kitty’s demise.  But with the support of friends and a few  family members I began to focus on the future through my Art, and also around the same time I began receiving emails from an account named  and those emails contained current photos of  Ms.Kitty  playing with cat toys.  I was able to find comfort in all of this.

It took me a long time to do it, but with every piece of  Emotional Artwork  I painted and with every email I received from  Ms.Kitty confirming she was still alive helped me feel more and more at peace with what happened.

It’s pretty strange, but the worst part of dealing with so many unresolved emotions was that  Ms.Kitty’s sudden and tragic death happened when I wasn’t home and the body was removed before I could see it, so I was unable to properly say goodbye to my furry little life mate.  But over time, I was able to begin putting together the pieces of the puzzle regarding the strange emails  Ms.Kitty  was sending me and I was also seeing vast improvements in my Emotional Artwork, I was really starting to tap into the creative reservoir I had just beneath the surface, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my strong, broad shoulders.

A fellow  Artist  once told me to pour out every emotion while I was painting, normally this would involve me crying the entire time, but the results were worth the pain.  I just recently finished one of my best works, it was a life-sized portrait of my beloved  Ms.Kitty. Coincidentally I also received a few seconds long Snapchat video from  Ms.Kitty, when I heard her distinct  “Meow” I knew for sure it was her, accompanying the video was a header saying  Ms.Kitty  has moved on and I should do the same.  So all of this combined with the emails suggests to me that  Ms.Kitty  is in fact alive and well.  I felt real relief for the first time in a very long time. I really started feeling like I could begin to heal now.

But realistically, it will be impossible to truly move on from such an intensely affecting personal trauma.  I will probably never know with any certainty whether or not the emailed images of  Ms.Kitty  I have been receiving detailing her newly adopted families life and times in the oil fields of North Dakota are doctored or not.  But for now, I am devoting myself to solving the increasingly bizarre riddle that  Ms.Kitty’s  untimely death has proven to be, also I am intensifying my Emotional Artwork  efforts, which have for so long now helped me process the grief I’ve been dealing with. And I think for now, that’s about all I can ask for.


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