Hackers And Cheetos…A Parent’s Dilemma




I think that it is our duty as  Parents  to keep an eye on what our kids are doing on the  Internets,  the world we live in now is very different from how it was when I was a kid.  Today’s kids are technology driven, everything they do seems to involve being “connected”  somehow to the  Internets.  And as we all know there are plenty of dangers  our kids can fall into while on the web, they can see things that would never be allowed in our homes, but yet on the  Internets  it’s just a google search and a click away.

I have always been stressed about the kind of stuff my kids see online, and I know regardless of how many talks we have or the amount of punishment I say I will dish out, kids will be kids. I have always been a  “low-tech”  kind of guy, I can barely turn the computer on. And  I also try to be respectful of my kid’s boundaries, I want them to be their own person, I want them to be self-sufficient and feel like they can be who they are and not what I want them to be.

So my way of Parenting is like the  Reagan Doctrine“Trust but Verify.”  So once in a while it is important to carry out the  “verify”  aspect of my Parenting program, and checking on the Internets  activity falls in that category.  So the other day I wanted to pull a surprise inspection of the types of websites my kids visit while online.  So I looked at the history on each of their computers and was not expecting to find what I found.

On one kids computer I found hundreds of searches for  “Game Hacks”  and on the other I found the majority of the searches were nothing but hundreds of questions regarding  Cheetos  snacks.  So basically one kid is a Hacker?  And the other has some sort of obsession with Cheetos?

I’m at a loss right now for what to do, so maybe there are other parents out there that have some good advice.  And for the record, I don’t believe my  “Hacker” son is part of  Anonymous,  but then again I just can’t be too sure, most of the searches were for some secret organization called  Zelda?

And as for the other one, there are just literally hundreds of questions regarding  Cheetos.  I’m not really sure what my course of action should be. I saw on his browsing history that he really doesn’t frequent any other websites except for ones that deal with Cheetos.  Basically at this point, I think he only uses the vast power of the  Internets  exclusively to search for information and questions about Cheetos.

I have no idea what to do, I mean it could be worse, he could be searching for bomb making information or some other weird stuff, his browsing history shows no searches for porn, which is a relief. Although one time he did search  “Cheetos porn LOUD”  but he didn’t click on any of the links that resulted from the search.

As a matter of fact, my kid never clicks on any of the links that come up during his Cheetos searches. It appears to me that all he does is type a question in and looks at all the links.

I guess I should be more concerned about the other one and his “Hacker” tendencies, I just hope he isn’t hacking into government websites, I know one of the searches he had was for a Japanese technology firm called  “Nintendo?”  I wish I was more tech. savvy so I could figure out what all this stuff is about, I fear he might be getting groomed by a militia group called  “COD”  hopefully they aren’t involved in domestic terrorism.

And as for the other boy, I tried to bond with him this morning, I went and bought him a bag of  Cheetos, but all he did was stare at the bag for a few moments then ran outside and threw it at a passing car.  I really just wish I could figure out what the deal is with the Cheetos?

So if there are any parents out there who have similar stories please share them, perhaps it will help me process everything that’s going on right now?  Like they say it takes a village to raise an idiot or maybe it goes it takes an idiot to raise a village? Well I was never really good at quotes and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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