I’m Not Sure What’s Going On…I’m Starting To Think Everyone I Meet Is Gay.



Given recent events and the confusion they have been causing I felt I should clear something up. Okay so you are walking around Walmart, there are people passing you on the left and right, and if you are like me you look each one of them in the eye socket and you probably think  “He’s Gay, She’s Gay. All these people are Gay.”  Given what’s going around on Facebook, with everyone painting Rainbows on their faces you will think everyone has come out of the closet.  But believe me, if you think that, you’re flat wrong. Because the fact is only some people are Gay.

There are roughly seven billion people on this rock, and the truth is, not all seven billion are Gay.

It’s true that some people are  Gay, but some people are not  Gay. This might seem strange to hear at first and if it is, you just need to hear the truth.  For every  Gay  person you see in the world, there are at least two or three who aren’t  Gay  (I’m not really sure what the  Gay  to Straight ratio is)  If you want to believe that every single person you see is  Gay,  that’s you projecting your own thoughts onto a large group of people….A large group of people that I would guess is not entirely  Gay.

Take me for instance, People might look at me and think I’m  Gay. I take care of myself, go to the gym a lot, try to stay relatively clean, and use odor eliminating products, so I can understand why you might assume I’m  Gay.  But to those people, I say to you…”Not everyone is Gay, Only some…Not all!”

Yes, some people are  Gay, but some people are not  Gay, it’s that simple.

Still don’t believe me? Here are some people who are not Gay: Vin Diesel,  Elton John,  George Michael,  Rosie O’Donnell,  and Ellen DeGeneres

And don’t get me wrong there are some people out there who are Gay:  Justin Bieber,  Adam Sandler,  Beyoncé, and  Tupac…if he’s still around.  But these people aren’t everyone. Not even close.

I think if people would just take the time to think and said  “Some people probably aren’t Gay”  those people would be right.  If they would just say  “Some people must definitely be Gay”  those people would also be totally right.  But most people don’t even bother to think about important issues like that.  They are perfectly comfortable living their lives with  Gay tunnel vision.  And that folks is where the real problem lies.

Long ago I was even like this, I use to live my life believing that 99% of the people I saw were  Gay.  So, if you find yourself walking around Walmart, and you are thinking to yourself  “Is everyone Gay?”  I hope you will do what I do now, and use common sense.  Not everyone is going to be  Gay.

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