Summer Is For Lovers…Not Losers




Some people say Summer is that magically time of the year when love is in the air, the birds and bees are busy doing their thing, whatever it is they do. Anyways Summer has a way of bringing out the positive side in people, well most people. If you are not already happily well into a brief seasonal love affair you may as well just call it quits for the year. Summers in  Montana  are brief and are usually over before you know it, coincidentally according to my Facebook feed so are most people’s relationships these days.

When I was younger I use to look forward to Summer, it usually ushered in a whole cornucopia of magical things. One moment I would be playing hide and seek with some young lady, and the next minute I would be running for my life being chased by Africanized Killer Bees, but me and my young lady friend would be laughing and stumbling over each other as we ran, we would eventually end up in each other’s arms, losing ourselves in the moment. But these days without someone special to share these magically Summer moments with I may as well kick over a beehive and let those angry little bastards end my suffering.

Summer is a time for lovers. I wish everyone could wake up every morning excited to share the day’s adventure with their one true love and who is hopefully is also their best friend.  But when you are alone and have nobody to share these idyllic Summertime memories with what’s the point of even being alive at all? All the advertisement you see during the Summer are clearly telling you that if your alone then you are worthless, we all have seen this ad before  “Summertime is made for lovers, and if you don’t have a lover, then you should just go jump off a bridge.”

 Let’s just face the Summer time facts, without someone special in your life to share it with, what’s the difference between you and that rotten deer carcass on the side of the road? Just imagine being at the park laying in the fresh cut grass while you watch the 4th of July fireworks going off all by yourself, doesn’t seem much fun does it.  Or floating down the Missouri on a tube all by your lonesome, not a single soul in sight.  Kind of depressing isn’t it?

Summer is that special time of year when everything starts to slow down, and you begin to realize what’s truly important, having a person by your side who helps define you, as you help define them, two broken halves merging as one complete whole, the two of you basking in the rays of the sun, dreaming of the future and what life has in store. Unless of course you are single, in which case laying down in front of a bear, covered in honey seems pretty appealing.

I write this for the Summertime lovers, nothing really beats this time of year….Except perhaps watching the leaves change colors in the fall. Or maybe curled up together in a cabin watching the flames dance in the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Hell, now that I think about it all stinking year is made for lovers.

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