Welcome To The Right Side Of Life…





So here is to those who dare to be different…

So what’s it mean to be different? The Standout? Perhaps you don’t instantly agree with your circle of friends, their ideas and choices are no longer yours, and maybe deep down they never were.  But now you are older, perhaps wiser, you see life as it is and not for what you hoped it would be.  All your friends are still drinking from the  “Kool-Aid”  that’s being served to them.  Now you are the odd man out, as your friends foolishly blame ideas instead of the facts, they rant and rave, and even ridicule.

You now realize…perhaps you just got swept up in the movement, maybe it was the cool thing to do, but now, age and wisdom has finally brought clarity.  You can now longer drink from the  “Left’s Liberal Kool-Aid”  machine, their bullshit no longer makes sense in the real world, the world you now call home.  So where do you go and what do you do now?  Are you bold enough to follow your own path?  Sometimes once you break free from the  Left,  the path you travel can be lonely and full of critics…critics with their wicked criticism and now it’s aim at you.

But now that you are a free thinker, what are you?  Are you a Conservative?  An  Independent,  maybe a little of both.  Maybe you really don’t know what to think, for the longest time you mocked such people, you did your best to drown out their opposing viewpoints.  You feel weird, alone, questioning if you made the right choice.   I get it, I’ve been there, I’ve never been a  Liberal  but I once thought the thoughts being spoon fed to me from my core base.  But then, I got sick of supporting the same old bullshit, I was looking for a change, thankfully I followed my heart, my own beliefs and found the place I needed to be.

So how do you make the transition from where you were to where you are now?  Can you handle the fact you are now hated? If you believe in the  Right’s  ideology you will now be looked upon as a hater of women, minorities, and religion.  Is it even worth the trouble?  Maybe it would be easier just to remove yourself completely from any ideological battles.  But real men don’t take the easy way out, it’s time to stand your ground, you are coming out of the closet…as a  Righty!

So how do you make this bold move without making yourself miserable in the process?  Think of it as a  Rebellion…You are Rebelling  against the system you once flourished in, those that cross the ideological divide from  Left  to  Right  cannot do so unnoticed, they  “The Left”  will see your cry of  Independence  as not a personal choice but as an attack on all that is good and holy in their world.  They will throw wave after wave of verbal criticisms at you for your new found beliefs  (Pro-life, You believe in American Exceptionalism, you call for less dependence on big government, you balk at racial politics, embrace free-markets, and choose to fight against punitive taxes and regulations)  this type of truly  American  thinking cannot go unnoticed, so prepare yourself, you are now a  Rebel, a  Rebel  with the correct cause.

In time you will see your personal  Rebellion  was worth it, there is nothing more daring than standing alone, armed only with your beliefs, and the renewed pride in what it means to be an  American.

You will boldly face the onslaught of dismissive media reports, falsely manipulating the facts to fit the  Left’s  needs, perhaps your friends will even join in with the  Left’s  assault against you, but you are man enough to stand there and say  “Here I am. I am not you”  their words matter little to you now, for facts are what you base your opinions off of now, not Ideological gibberish.

You steady yourself in your  Rebellion  with the knowledge that American Exceptionalism,  that often maligned thought that  Rugged Individualism  is not dead. You want what we all want here on the  Right, we want our  Freedom, and we are willing to fight to the death to maintain it, and that feeling is truly exhilarating.

So welcome to the  Right  side of  Freedom, the belief that American Exceptionalism  is not an evil thing, there a millions of people who come here on that very belief.  And next time you hear the  Left  try to malign this great nation and all that it stands for, stand up and proudly claim …God Bless America!

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