America…Political Correctness Is Ruining US!



Okay this will probably upset someone out there, and I’m not trying to intentionally insult anyone, but given the  “PC”  mentality which now seems to control everyone’s free speech no matter what I say I will piss someone off.  But let me be clear, I’m not a Racist, a Homophobe, or any other  “label”  that people like to slap on you if they don’t like what your saying.  For example, I see every US citizen as an  American,  that’s it, end of discussion.  Now others choose to add unnecessary prefix’s such as  Black American, White American,  Asian American, etc.  Why not just say you are a  Proud American?  I think when you choose to racially identify yourself first you are looking to separate yourself from the rest of us.  Just another thing that causes racial divisions in this country.

The  “PC”  police are another thing that drives me nuts, why has everyone become such thin skinned whiny bitches?  For example, this whole Confederate flag debate going on right now, there are actually some idiots out there trying to say the Confederate flag had some role in the shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina, others of course try to bring up the gun debate again.  The way I see it the Confederate flag had nothing to do with it, neither did the handgun, it was solely the responsibility of a nut job, who picked a soft target like a church to carry out his plan.  Anytime something happens like this tragic event the left always wants to blame guns, race, poverty, education, and parenting, anything except just focusing all the blame on the nut job that committed the crime.

It really is a shame people can’t expressive their views without being called racists, for example, I don’t have anything against  “Blacks”  or any other minority group as a whole,  I have met outstanding individuals from all races that are productive members of our society, and I have nothing but respect for them.  But like in any ethnic groups, including  “Whites”  there are criminal elements,  “Thugs” ..”Punks”..”Trash”  that take advantage of hardworking, law abiding  Americans.  So those individuals are the ones I can’t stand, regardless of their color or religious beliefs.  I have no sympathy for individuals who prey on the weak, I don’t care what type of rough upbringing you had, or what type of role models you had to choose from.  We are all given the gift of  Freedom, You can choose to be a  “Thug”  or you can choose to be a hardworking, law abiding  American.  If you choose poorly, that’s nobody’s fault but your own, society shouldn’t be forced to feel bad for you.  Hopefully if you choose a life of crime you will come to your senses one day and try to make amends for your stupidity.

When it comes to the racial  “PC”  crowd, I am often confused by what some ethnic groups can get away with, yet another ethnic group who would dare do the same thing are labeled as racists?  For example, why can  “Blacks”  call each other the  “N Word”  and it’s okay?  Some say its part of their cultural identity or some gibberish.  The way I see it, if you are  “Black”  and I as a  “White”  man call you the  “N Word”  you have every right to be upset, but if a fellow  “Black”  man would call you it, that’s okay? Really?  If it’s such a bad word why do  “Blacks”  condone it in their own ethnic group?

Another example of where  “PC”  has gone crazy, Now the Pakistanis are saying that  “Jurassic World”  had a racist’s dinosaur in it,  Really?   They said there’s a scene in which the protagonists learn a group of dinosaurs, called the Pachycephalosaurus,  have escaped. For shorthand, they call the group of dinos  “pakis,”  which  American  audiences may not realize is an offensive slur?  Well…I don’t even know what to think anymore, if this offended you somehow I think you probably live a really miserable life, because your thin skin is controlling your happiness.

There are some many things I could go on about regarding this  “PC”  subject, but not sure it would make much difference. I hope one day we  Americans  can get back to being thick-skinned Ass Kickers instead of thin-skinned politically correct cry babies.

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