Excuse Me Sir…Are You An Arrow Or A Target?




I’m going to get a little deep with this one, I’m just in one of those moods, and to all the men out there do you know why you are here?  Do you know your purpose?

I wholeheartedly believe man was not made to be a peaceful and domesticated creature, which is why God created women, to bring balance and harmony.  Man was put on this Earth to create peace, to protect it, to defend it, to forge it, all of these sometimes through war…It’s in the Bible even.

One day there will be a break from all wars, it won’t be in my lifetime and probably not my children s lifetime, but until that day comes, men will have to step up even when they don’t want to.  Like George Orwell said  “We sleep peacefully in our beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf”.

 As men we are called upon to do hard things…It’s what is required of us. We do them because we are men, and that is what we do.

As I see it we have no option, you will either be a Warrior or Cannon Fodder in this life.  You will either forge true peace in your home and community or you will be lazy and allow the wickedness of this Earth to prosper.  You will take the bullets for your family, or you will watch them slaughtered by the wolves. This doesn’t mean that people have to join the Military. It’s about having a mindset of battle, willing to sacrifice and win.

I am not trying to sound dramatic, or even a simplistic gun-toting Bible thumper, but you are either an Arrow or a Target…Hopefully you have figured out what you are by now.

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