America…It’s Time To Have A Semi-Mature Conversation Regarding Breastfeeding.




As responsible  Kick-Ass Americans  we should be able to discuss our differences in a civilized manner, obviously it’s hard to get even a handful of people to agree on anything, let alone an entire country.  So I would like to take this opportunity to pick one topic that has been the center of controversy lately and try to have some type of civil and meaningful debate about it, I feel by taking this step I can become part of the solution and not just some whiny, bitchy internet troll who just leaves rude comments and attempts to shut-down any type of dialogue, I am better than that dammit!

So what topic should we discuss?  There certainly is a lot of things going on in our country right now that really need attention placed upon them, like mental health issues, how do we keep crazy people from committing mass murder?  Or the current racial tensions that have been made worse by our inept leadership.  And then there is Terrorism, how do we maintain our  Freedoms  and way of life, but yet still track down and stop lone wolf wannabe terror groupies?

So many great topics that we could spend hours debating, but I think I have found the perfect subject, something that is near and dear to my heart, a certain subject that causes outrage from some and evokes the very essence of motherhood for others, that’s right I have picked  Breastfeeding  as our topic today.

I totally support a woman’s right to  Breastfeed  their child, I feel it’s natural, and beautiful to watch.  But there are those in our society that like to tell mother’s and even us supporters/watchers that it should be something that is done behind closed doors.

Thankfully there are brave mother’s out there taking a stand against this misguided viewpoint held by prudish individuals that want nothing more than to ruin this beautiful thing for us watchers to watch.  Of course it helps when women who are in the public eye get involved with this effort, everyone likes to see a famous celebrity or supermodel  Breastfeeding  in public, it draws attention to the cause.  I think more female celebrities and models should get involved, along with other conventionally attractive women who wish to do so.

I believe it was  Abraham Lincoln  who said  “My fellow Americans, Four C cups and Seven Double D’s ago our nation was founded on the idea that ALL women should be allowed to Breastfeed in public, this is why we fought the British, God Bless The Exposed Breast”  this famous speech has often been overlooked by scholars, but it’s clear  Lincoln  was right!  It’s a woman’s God given right to  Breastfeed  wherever and whenever she chooses.

Breastfeeding  is a normal part of raising a child, And I wholeheartedly believe women with great bone structure and well-shaped breasts should never been made to feel ashamed for  Breastfeeding  in public.  I am very passionate about this and I think if you are the type that gets offended by seeing a beautiful woman  Breastfeeding  in public then just turn away, and don’t ruin it for the rest of us who believe in the beauty of  Breastfeeding, as long as the woman is beautiful of course.

Now I don’t want to seem biased in anyway, I think older mothers should have equal opportunities, and should feel comfortable  Breastfeeding  when the need arises, but I think there should be certain reasonable standards applied, for example the older mothers should make sure they maintain proper physical care of themselves in the years leading up to giving birth, that way they still will be generally thought of as attractive.  Hell, I believe all women should be free to do whatever they want with their bodies, especially if they curvy and well supplied in the milk department, if you know what I mean.

It truly pains me that women are faced with this type of unnecessary scrutiny when all they want is to do is  Breastfeed  their children, I mean really, enough already, women have enough to contend with as it is.  Sadly it seems the societal pressures of looking good when they are out in public and now these Breastfeeding  pressures are simply enough to drive them to insanity, no wonder you hear so many stories of women who snap and end up doing harm to men.  Enough!  It’s time to put this subject to rest and society needs to accept the Breast!

So please join me, let’s finally do something to make a difference and empower beautiful women to nurture their babies in public, after all this is  America  dammit!  Land of the Free and Home of the Breast!

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