No…I Do Not Support You Getting Plastic Surgery…Unless It’s Breast Augmentation.




I don’t like to  “Rant”  that much, mainly because when I see other people do it the first thing I think of is  “Quit your bitchin you whiner.”  Unless of course the person complaining is a Hot Babe then I feel like I’m pretty sympathetic to their cause. Which brings me to the hypocrisy of this moment, I’m going to drop a  “Rant” on you now. So just sit back and embrace it.

So yesterday, an acquaintance of mine told me that they just put a deposit down on some Plastic surgery. It’s not the type of surgery that I would be willing to support, like the removal of  a big tumor looking thing on the side of your face, or to fix a busted nose.  No, her surgery was liposuction and cheek implants, or something to make her cheeks look higher so her face doesn’t look as fat.

I have been told I have an Idiotic view on Plastic Surgery. The way I see it if you are getting surgery done because you are fat and don’t want to put the hard work in to lose the weight, then  NO, I don’t support your choices, to me you are taking the easy way out. If you are not happy with your appearance then change it the old fashioned way, healthy eating and exercise. Personally I think you would be happier with yourself in the end if you put the work in to changing your appearance, not a surgeon.

And my second so called Idiotic view on Plastic Surgery is this, if you’re going under the knife because you are unhappy with the way you look (i.e… Big Nose, Big Ears, Beady Eyes, Flat Ass, etc.) Then I am also against your choice. If you are Ugly, be proud of it. Our faces and our general appearances are supposed to be different and unique.

Remember your ancestors managed to live and reproduce, look back at your family tree, I’m sure you had some relatives with huge ears and a mouthful of snaggly teeth, but that never stopped them from living their lives, they had jobs, they must have found mates and most likely they managed to live a life filled with personal happiness.

In my humble opinion, our society always wants the quick fix, the easy way out, short-cuts. People are obsessed with altering their God-given looks. If you end up getting your face all sliced and diced to look like someone else, then when (if) you get to Heaven, perhaps God will take one look at you and say  “What the Hell did you do to my creation?”  then he will kick your ass out.  Think about it, how many people do you know who have been Injected, Enlarged and Peeled so many times they look like freaks of nature?

I will show an example of my Hypocrisy yet again, I will give one procedure you ladies get done a pass, I am supportive of Breast Augmentation…Does this make me a bad person? I’m willing to live with my shame, so think what you want.

Okay back on topic, I know people who take their bodies in for a “tune-up”  more than my car ever gets serviced.  Botox, Face Lifts, Ass Implants, Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, you name it and they get it done. I am pretty sure there are more options for getting your appearance altered than there are ice cream flavors at the Big Dipper Ice Cream shop and it’s all done in the shallow pursuit of a surgical fountain of youth.

So let’s work together to bring an end to this madness, next time your friend or relative mentions that they are going to get something done, tell them they just need to go to the gym and to start eating healthy. And if they are one of the Ugly ones who just want to look less Ugly, tell them they are perfect just the way God made them, and if they try messing with his artwork they might just get kicked out of the Holy Promised Land.

Oh and lastly, if your friend or family member is just getting Breast Augmentation,  then be supportive, drive them to the Doctors office, and remember to tell them if they want their milkshake to bring the boys to the yard, Go Big or Go Home!


  1. usernamescangosuckmy · June 16, 2015

    Damn, that bit about the exception for breast augmentation, sir, was hilarious. XD Following!


  2. therealcommonwoman · June 19, 2015

    Great take on Plastic Surgery. Breast augmentation xD.


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