“Entourage”…An Awkward Movie To See With Your Son

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So I wanted to take my freshly graduated son, who is also a freshly minted official adult to a movie this weekend, his choice, so he picked  Entourage.  Neither of us had ever watched the HBO series and honestly we both knew nothing about the type of show it would be other than being a comedy, And I use the term  “comedy”  loosely. I won’t go into any detail trying to explain the premise of the series or the show, that’s what Google is for so use it.

Now I did realize the movie was rated R, it was supposed to have some adult language and nudity, but my son is an adult, and thanks to the internet I’m sure he has seen nudity before in one form or another, and that’s not because of bad parenting, it’s the world we live in.

Now as for the movie, well..hmm, let’s just say the acting was sub-par, the only bright spot for me in the whole movie was that  Ronda Rousey  was in it, I got a thing for strong, powerful women who can kick my ass.  As for the other  “actors”  it seems this movie had several special cameos of every washed up actor from the past that I disliked for more reasons than I care to mention.  So for acting overall in this movie I will have to give it a solid 2 out of 10, And Ronda brings in 1.5 of those points.

I guess I should mention something about the directing and story line, I really don’t know what to gauge as far as  Directing  goes, I assume you would grade them on the overall look and feel of the movie, the scenes and backdrop, location, blah, blah.  To me the whole thing sucked, bad angles, bad locations, poor lighting, and some of it looks to be shot with a smart phone.  And the story line? I don’t think there was a solid one. So for  Directing  and Story Line I give it a combined total of 3 out of 10.

Okay now for the dialogue, I think the writer must have been going through a divorce or some trouble in his home life because there was so much profanity thrown into each line that it ruined any message the  “actor”  was trying to convey, I am not a big fan of profanity, I don’t like to use it, I do my best to try and set a good example for my kids. So with the amount used in this show it was slightly awkward for me to be in the theater with my son, even my “adult” son. So to rate the writing I would give it a solid 1.5 out of ten.

Now for the worst part…The Nudity, alright I’m no prude in any sense of the word, I enjoy the bare female form just like any red-blooded  American  male.  I knew there was supposed to be a little nudity in the movie, secretly I was hoping it was  Ronda, sadly it wasn’t. At the most I thought it would be the standard pair of boobies jiggling about for a few seconds, I could handle that in a movie with my son. But oh no, it was far worse, I don’t think I have ever felt so awkward seeing a movie with my kid before, it really seemed like a low budget porno at times, male masturbation, intercourse scenes, and to top it off girl on girl , down and dirty action. I was afraid to even look over at my son, I had to resist the urge to physically go cover his eyes, a family a few rows down from us got up and left right after the girl on girl scene, I heard the Father mutter something to his wife and his two teenage daughters, I can imagine that was even more awkward. So I think I will rate this movie as a bad porno and give it 5 out of 10 for sex scenes.

So to sum this movie going experience up, the movie itself sucked, some interesting sex scenes, Ronda Rousey is in it, and I have never felt more awkward seeing a movie with my kid. So I would recommend seeing the new Jurassic Park movie instead.


  1. razorbackwriteraus · June 15, 2015

    Maybe it should have come with a warning. Not a family friendly film.


  2. Baroness Buttercup · June 15, 2015

    A million or so years ago, before the cable-TV we know and love today, there was On-TV. At one point in that period, my grandparents were staying with us between the sale of their California home and the closing of their new condo in Florida.

    On-TV apparently couldn’t be bothered with pesky “viewer discretion is advised” warnings, so one late evening when whatever my brother, I and my grandpa were watching ended, it was immediately followed by a porn version of Cinderella.

    Mortified doesn’t come close to describing that experience. In fact, I don’t think a word exists that properly conveys the feeling that accompanies finding yourself suddenly watching bad, 1970’s porn with your grandpa. I bear the emotional scars to this day ..


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