Take My Bruce/Caitlyn Quiz…Or I Will Track You Down And Smear Banana’s On Your Windshield.


So Facebook is full of Quizzes, there is a Quiz for everything, like  Who Is your Soulmate (I got good news on that one,)  What type of Superhero are YouAre You Insane or Just Faking It?  And it appears to me that everyone enjoys playing these things, so I am going to hop on the Quiz bandwagon and make my own, and YES, you have to play it, otherwise I will track you down and smear bananas on your windshield. In my village that is a huge insult, usually anything smeared on your windshield is meant as an insult…Just saying.

Let’s get started shall we…



QUIZ: What Kind of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Transformation Theorist Are You?

How to play…Here are 10 multiple choice questions which will reveal why you think Bruce Jenner turned himself into Caitlyn Jenner.  After you complete the ten questions, tally up your choices to determine what type of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Transformation Theorist identity.  Are you a …Just as Confused as Bruce Theorist, The Kardashian’s Broke Him Mentally Theorist? Or something else? Find out now!


1. When you are out to eat and your waiter messes up your order, who do you usually blame?

(A) Your own inability to maintain human contact long enough to communicate an order because you’re        trapped inside a body that is not yours.

(B) The camera guy that you hire to film you because you’re trying to make your own reality show.

(C) An honest mistake by the waiter or waitress.

(D) The crazy terrorist guy sitting next to you, who keeps yelling “Aloha Snackbar”

(E) The Kardashians


2. In the shower, what kind of cleaning device do you use?

(A) None… You bathe in residual resentment for yourself and your father’s disappointment.

(B) The camera guy’s hand because the washcloth was dirty.

(C) Your hand because somebody forgot to leave you a loofah.

(D) The crazy terrorist guy who followed you home, you use his beard as a loofah.

(E) Any Kardashian


3. What do you really think happened to Tupac?

(A) What you wished happened to you, every damn day.

(B) You don’t know, but are trying to figure out how to work it into your reality show.

(C) Killed some East Coast rapper wannabe trying to impress Biggie Smalls.

(D) You are pretty sure the Terrorist did it and your positive he wants to do it to you.

(E) A member of the Kardashians.


4. What is your favorite 80’s band?

(A) Culture Club

(B) The camera guy is wearing a Def Leopard shirt, so you will go with that.

(C) Bon Jovi

(D) The Terrorist guy said to say Suicidal Tendencies.

(E) Any band that doesn’t involve the Kardashians


5. If you had a Lamborghini, where would you take it?

(A) Off a bridge.

(B) Somewhere to draw a crowd so I can get good footage for my reality show.

(C) To file an insurance claim for the car you just backed into.

(D) Nowhere, because the Terrorist blew himself up in it.

(E) I would take it as far away from the Kardashians as possible.


6. What person is your biggest Hero?

(A) Bradley Manning

(B) Any housewife of Beverly Hills

(C) Chris Kyle

(D) Achmed The Angry Terrorist

(E) Anyone not named Kardashian.


7. What was your favorite subject in school?

(A) Phsycology

(B) Drama

(C) Weightlifting/PE

(D) Anger Management

(E) Any class a Kardashian wasn’t in.


8. How do you feel about Hillary?

(A) Great Leisure Suits.

(B) I want her on my show.

(C) Untrustworthy

(D) Weird name for a dude.

(E) Don’t Care, just happy she isn’t a Kardashian.


9. If your house was up in flames and you could save one thing, what would it be?

(A) My estrogen treatments, oh and my padded bras.

(B) Probably my camera guy, tragedy always makes for good ratings.

(C) Forgot to grab anything.

(D) My Ak-47

(E) Nothing, I would just pray the Kardashians were inside.


10. If you could have sex with one person in history, who would it be?

(A) My mother, so she couldn’t have sex with my father and have me.

(B) Probably my camera guy

(C) My Soulmate

(D) A Goat

(E) Don’t care, as long as it’s not a Kardashian.



If you answered mostly A….You Are Just As Confused As Bruce/Caitlyn Theorist

If you answered mostly B… You Believe It Was For His Own Reality Show Theorist.

If you answered mostly C… You Are A “As Long As He Is Happy” Theorist.

If you answered mostly D…You Believe It Was Due To Terrorism Theorist.

If you answered mostly E…You Don’t Care about Bruce/Caitlyn, You Just Can’t Stand the Kardashian’s Theorist.


Thanks For Playing….

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