What Are We Doing To Are Offspring?




Okay let me first start off by saying I’m not talking about your kid, I’m talking about the other person’s kid. So don’t get all butt hurt and send me hateful messages because I just forward them to your mom, and by forward I mean I leave a note on the nightstand when I leave in the morning….Whoa, hold on now. That was just a test, if you got offended then maybe I am talking about your kids…And You!

Anyways to my point before you distracted me…What the heck happened to the kids? They all seem like a bunch of whiny babies these days.


They’re all Gluten Free..

Peanut Free

None of them can have sugar because they’re all ADHD

They are all on drugs because they have ADHD

Too many of them are  FAT  because they are on drugs, have  ADHD  and they never exercise. They just sit and play video games…

They always get colds probably because they never go outside…

They can’t say the  Pledge of Allegiance  in school because …Well…I’m not sure but I’m sure it’s for some dumb reason, something to do with  Christmas  trees and the  Easter  bunny and  Kwanza  I think..

They never have a contest because someone might have to LOSE..

Parents…STOP OVER-PROTECTING your children!! You’re creating a generation of FAT, SISSY KIDS!!

Now go feed them a good  ol’ Nathans Hot Dog on a white bread bun with gluten, send them out to play, let them fall down, slap a Band-Aid on their knee and send them back outside!

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