Are You Flat Broke?…Then I Have Some Fun Activities You Can Do With Dimes



Unless you’re loaded with the Benjamin’s, it can be hard to have fun when your flat broke, when your broke your friends seem to avoid you,  they can sure let you know pretty quickly that you are boring when your broke and how you have totally failed them as a friend.  But fear not, for I have created some great activities that you and your crappy fair-weathered friends can do for only ten cents, that’s right just a single dime.

So get ready, cause I’m about to enlighten your broke ass and believe me you are going to be freaking amazed!  Here are just a few of my super-duper fun activities that will only cost you a damn dime!


Fun Activity Number One: Dime Lifting

Like I always say “If you haven’t lifted a dime, then you haven’t truly lived.”  You might think bungee jumping is pretty brave, or that jumping out of a plane with a parachute is pretty extreme.  And maybe you are thinking “Dime Lifting”  sounds like some dumb thing I just made up because I couldn’t think of anything legitimate to do for fun that cost only a dime.  Well you clearly are not the sharpest tool in the woodshed, and you are flat wrong.

Gather your fair-weathered friends and maybe some good friends who have dimes or that like to dime lift, if you have any cool friends they will know of this game.  How do you play? Well it is pretty simple, you have your fair-weathered friends that are bored, and believe me they are bored, you send them out wandering the sidewalks near busy commercial buildings, like a mall maybe, and just have them search for dimes that people have dropped and didn’t bother to pick up, probably because they are filthy rich and a dime means nothing to them. The rules are simple…When you spot what you think might be loose change, drop to one knee, examine the item closely as to make sure it is in fact a dime and then put that little baby in your pocket!

Shazaam!!  You just lifted a dime, freaking Awesome right?  But don’t worry the fun isn’t over it’s just beginning!


Fun Activity Number Two:  Dimes and Quarter and Booze

Now this game is for your friends that are 21 or over, unless you allow your underage friends to consume alcohol with you, in which case you are probably going to jail at some point, but that’s for another blog post.  So this game is a drinking game, I don’t drink, but I didn’t want to exclude those who do that’s why I came up with this game. So how do you play? Well it’s really pretty easy. You just put the dimes in a brown bag or something similar. And then add a Quarter to those dimes. Then you pick a coin out and hold it in your hand…make sure no one can see it. Then ask all your friends to guess what kind of coin it is.  Whoever guesses wrong has to take a shot of booze, the same booze you made your friends bring over because how the hell can you afford boozes for anyone, you were just looking for dimes on the sidewalk.

Anyways, I think the best part of  “Dimes and Quarter and Booze” is that you get to “guess” too!  And since you know it’s always going to probably be a Dime, just keep guessing Quarter! Then take shots from the boozes your friends brought over, because it’s only fair that the person who created all this fun for your friends should be given ample amounts of boozes.


Fun Activity Number Three:  Dime Throw

I really do enjoy hearing the sound of metal hitting metal…Anyone else enjoy it?  “Hey Bro, let’s throw some dimes into that container over there!” we have all heard that expression dozens of times I’m sure, and if you are like me, you enjoy tossing those dimes like a mad man.  Well, here is something you probably didn’t know, but now you don’t have to have an officially sanctioned Dime Throw game to get that same high-stakes, fast paced action like you see on ESPN11.  You can craft your own game from everyday objects laying around your home or trailer.

To make this magic happen all you need is a dime and something that a coin could hypothetically be thrown into to, over and over. The possibilities are endless, I once played dime throw for 14 hours straight. So get your friends and get throwing.


Fun Activity Number Four: The Damn Dime Stare

Hold up, don’t let your friends leave yet! There are still so many fun activities to do. For example, Look at the damn dime!! How freaking insane is that? The …details are so…Detailed on this one, Hell you can’t buy this kind of detail. (Unless you have a dime, of course)


Fun Activity Number Five:  Swallow All Of Your Dimes

Alright now take those dimes you have and put them in your mouth. Screw it!  Make a silly face or something, it doesn’t really matter now anyways, all your friends have bailed on you, because you’re the idiot with the stupid ass “dime” games.  Sit down and have an epic cry. Who knows maybe someone left behind some of that cheap boozes they brought over? Perhaps that will make up for the crippling depression you have managed to put yourself into…And it only cost you a dime.

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