The Art Of Smoothism…


If you’re nothing like me, you probably have a uncontrollable fear of talking to beautiful women. Or perhaps you have female friends that call you a “great friend.” And maybe you are one of those sad sacks that only makes “sweet, hot, sticky love” less than three times a day.  If you find yourself, nodding your head and saying YES to any of these questions, then you my friend are what we “Super Smooth” folks call a  “Smooth as Poo Poo” or (SAPP). But if you follow my special formula, the “Seven Steps of Super Smoothism” or (7SSS), you will be able to turn your sorry excuse for a life around, and you will finally conquer your intense fear of beautiful women. I guarantee the (7SSS) formula will transform you from a (SAPP) into a “Super Smooth Alpha Male” (SSAM) much like myself.

I have discovered that a “SAPP’s” problems usually start off at a young age.  Remember how your parents and teachers always told you to just be yourself around the ladies, well that’s when teenagers develop the “Just Be Yourself Syndrome” (JBYS). But let’s face it, at that age you really don’t know how to be yourself, and as you get older you carry this dreaded syndrome with you into early adulthood.  Just be yourself…Hell, you don’t even like yourself now, and I can’t blame you, why should you? You’re just another average loser in a world full of average losers.

But, “SSAM’s” such as myself, we have thankfully advanced well beyond the (JBYS) to a state of being, that we like to call “Appearing More Attractive Than Our True Selves” or (AMATOTS). Now if you are smart, you will follow my formula the “Seven Steps of Super Smoothism” which will show you how to properly and effectively (AMATOTS) your way to Smoothness and Success.


Seven Steps of Super Smoothism (7SSS)

Step One…Unbridled Passion

“All great Super Smooth Alpha Males are masters of seduction, not so much because of their technique; they are great because of their unbridled passion.”

-Anonymous Super Smooth Alpha Male

The simple fact is, all (SSAM’s) have one special thing in common…“Great Unbridled Passion” (GUP). Now (SAPP’S) couldn’t tell (GUP) from a dirty hole in the ground, but (SSAM’s) are the undisputed masters of (GUP). We have a saying, when you’ve got (GUP), you’ve got “it.”  As soon as you get (GUP), the “Beautiful Attractive Females” (BAF’s) will be on you like (SAPP’s) on Viagra. (BAF’s) will tell you,  “I don’t know what it is about (SSAM’s) but I would certainly like to continue having meaningless one night stands with them”

Let’s break this down into its most basic and raw elements, (GUP) is the ability to be very excited about the boring,  day in, day out occurrences.  For example, if it rains, the average loser will pull out his little umbrella or hide under the nearest shelter.  A (SSAM) on the other, and may I say, the more manly hand, will run outside, open his mouth wide open and drink natures shower like it was a fine and rare wine.  He will jump in the puddles and when the lightning strikes he will shout  “I love lightning!! I am so filled with passion right now!!”  Women will immediately throw caution to the wind and throw their clothes at him, while screaming  “Take me, Take Me.”

When nighttime arrives, so does another good example of the stark contrast in (GUP) between the (SAPP’s) and the (SSAM’s). When the sun goes down, the (SAPP) will yawn and say  “I’m sleepy,” while the (SSAM) will walk out into the night, look up at the stars and with intense passion exclaim  “Oh aren’t the stars so damn beautiful? Look there, its Orion’s belt. Look, oh look! I’ve never seen the North Star so clear!!”  and the (BAF’s) will agree saying “Hot Dam Baby, I love Orion’s belt too!! How about you and I run a love marathon tonight!!”

For as long as humans have walked upright, people have been unable to explain why women find this type of male enthusiasm so appealing.  But recent studies at Harvard, indicate that (BAF’s) notice such enthusiasm and think  “Holy Cow, if this stud can be that excited about boring crap, then he must really be enthusiastic between the sheets”  I have to say I’ve certainly found this to be true of myself.

So we have gotten to the point where if you have read this far, you probably have low self-esteem.  The good news is, you can fake the (GUP) or as we call it (fGUP) and in doing so you will be about 96.3 percent as effective as a genuine (SSAM).  So using my formula in the  “Seven Steps of Super Smoothism” (7SSS) you can unlock the potential of your (fGUP), achieve (AMATOTS) and even seduce the (BAF’s) of your wildest dreams.

Step Two… Make these three simple words part of your daily vocabulary  “Fantastic””Fascinating” and the important one “Love.”  I call these my  “Passion”  words.  Also add a few extra exclamation points to everything you say.  Example…”This (7SSS) is freaking fantastic!!!”

Step Three… Drink a  “Pre-Workout Energy Shake”  for that extra boost of fake enthusiasm.

Step Four… Confidently walk up to the woman of your dreams

Step Five… Make sure you show good conversational skills by focusing your special  “passion”  words on her.


SSAM: Hey there hot BAF, how are you?

BAF: Good thanks, I’ve had a great day.

SSAM: Oh, what a coincidence, I love days!! That’s fantastic that we have so much in common!! Talk more about this “day” of yours, I find you fascinating!!

Step Six… She is now ready for you to make your power move. Passionately ask her,  “Would you like me to kiss you like no man has ever done, making you truly feel love with the first kiss?”  Now that you asked the question, a (BAF) will respond one of three ways.

One…(BAF) says, “Yes”

Your Response…Proceed with kissing her like she has never been kissed before.

Two..(BAF) hesitates and looks scared

Your Response…Proceed with kissing her like she has never been kissed before.

Three…(BAF) says  “No” or  “No Thank You”

Your Response…Pause, and then exclaim, Fascinating!! Wait five seconds and ask,  “How about now?”  Rinse and Repeat until (BAF) submits to your (fGUP)

Step Seven… Just keep kissing her as though she has never been kissed before for twelve seconds, then say  “I would love to show you something truly fascinating!!”  Then lead her by the hand to a private yet passionate place, such as a secluded lake, or even random brush.  Now make sweet love to her as though you are an artist, painting an open canvas, not missing any detail. But just don’t forget your (fGUP) Fantastic!!!

Good Luck on your journey to (SSAM)!!!

One comment

  1. James · May 31, 2015

    As a confirmed SAPP I have been waiting for this advice my entire life. I’m going to have 7SSS tattooed on my face as a constant reminder. Obviously I’ll have it tattooed backwards so it makes sense when I look in the mirror…


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