Please Accept My Apology Letter..


Has anyone ever volunteered at your children’s school as a “Parent Helper?” Well I did just that the other day, and needless to say it didn’t go well.  I will be the first to admit I can get pretty competitive when it comes to sporting events.  Anyways…I just thought I should share the apology letter I had to write, I withheld the names of the school and of the students and faculty involved.


Hello Students and Staff At (Name Withheld) Junior High School,

I would like to take this opportunity to profusely apologize for my recent actions while being a “Parent Helper” for Mr. (Name Withheld) PE class. I deeply regret being the reason why the school no longer allows Parent’s to come help out at the school, I feel bad for ruining a wonderful program that enriches the students as well as the Parents.

Let me just say, I really have no idea what happened, I feel like I blacked out, I went into another dimension, I have no excuses for how I behaved. I think some of it was just the thrill of the competition, I know my adrenaline was pumping, and hearing the children scream made me think they were cheering me on, I didn’t realize at the time they were screaming out of fear. I will admit I have been under a lot of stress lately, I have been having troubles at home, my cat and I are not getting along and it has taken a toll on me. But regardless I should not have taken out my anger with the kids on the basketball court.

I understand that my role as a “Parent Helper” is to assist the teacher in the classroom, and I am also supposed to be a nurturing influence on the students. But when Mr. (Name Withheld) had to go to a meeting, he left me with the following instructions “Just play some basketball with them, should be fun” I guess I misunderstood what he said, I thought he said  “It is your duty to pick a team of the best players and then lead those players to victory…by any means necessary”  I now realize my actions were the very opposite of nurturing and of good sportsmanship.  I would feel bad for viciously fouling a grown man to prevent a basket, but to do so to a 13 year old kid was simply reprehensible. I will make every effort to apologize too little (Name Withheld) once he is released from the hospital.

I know I really crossed the line when I started referring to the other team as “punk-ass bitches,” especially once (Name Withheld) started crying, that was completely wrong of me.  Also I’m embarrassed of how I began mockingly yelling “Air ball” after a missed basket, it was a total error in judgement.  I really do understand now that trash talking, no matter how colorful or creative, is not acceptable in a Junior High PE class.  It can only serve to damage the already fragile egos these pre-teens have, I was very, very wrong.

Some of the details are starting to become clearer to me now, and I really must send a special apology to the young miss (Name Withheld), this young lady did not deserve the brunt of my rage.  It was not her fault that she was selected by her team to guard me during the game. Or should I say attempt to guard me, as I was only two steals away from registering a mighty impressive triple-double. But despite her best efforts, I am a basketball machine and when my opponent chooses to guard me closely like she did, I strike like an animal backed into a corner. So (Name Withheld) I really hope your nose isn’t truly broken, you could just be a “bleeder” and once the swelling goes down I’m sure you will be just fine.

I would be negligent if I didn’t extend a special apology to my teammate, friend, and coolest 8th grader I know (Name Withheld), I certainly know I wouldn’t like to have a basketball launched full force at my head at close range if I displayed what someone considered to be “your lack of hustle,” and I was completely out of line to do so to you, I didn’t realize that Asthma could slow you down like that, I can only hope you will forgive me and that your mom doesn’t press charges like she said she was, hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

And finally, I must apologize to Principal (Name Withheld) and School Resource Officer (Name Withheld) and of course Mrs. (Name Withheld) the Art Teacher, like I mentioned earlier, I really have no idea what came over me, so when the three of you attempted to restrain me, I was still in the “zone” and pumped up on Adrenalin, and maybe Rage.  But honestly, I can’t understand why I began biting you and scratching at you guys like a rabid monkey.  I just hope there will be no permanent marks left on any of you.  And I must compliment you Mrs. (Name Withheld) for an Art Teacher, you certainly have strong hand to hand fighting skills, you may want to consider a career in the Octagon.

Again, to all those who have been affected by my actions, please accept my most heartfelt and sincerest apologies.


Mr. (Name Withheld)

Former Parent Helper Volunteer

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