Interview With A “Dad Bod” Girlfriend…


Recently there has been a disturbing trend that’s being talked about and debated on the Internets, it’s called the “Dad Bod”. From what I understand it’s all the rage now, it seems women prefer guys who look like pudgy little nerds.  Why? This whole thing just annoys me, with all the hard work I do to take care of myself, like eating healthy, working-out every day, living a clean life, yet women are more interested in the doughboy. I just can’t win.  So to help me better understand this whole messed up way of thinking that’s going on by women,I decided to ask one. I did a Facebook interview with one of my friends who is currently dating one of these so called “Dad Bod” dudes, I have changed her name, and her boyfriend’s name in order to protect their identities from the possible shame and humiliation that might come from this.

So here is my interview I did with my friend, let’s call her “Muffin”

Me:  So “Muffin” why is it that you find yourself attracted to your boyfriend, let’s call him “Chubby” he clearly has the “Dad Bod” was this one of the main factors in the attraction?

Muffin:   Well, “Chubby” is a nice guy, and seems pretty stable in life, I agree he has the “Dad Bod” thing going on but I wouldn’t say it was one of the main factors. In the past I dated guys who worked out all the time and had great bodies, and I found myself always worrying about what I ate, how often I went to the gym, it seemed very stressful, but now I know I look better and I can eat as much as I want, and I don’t have to go to the gym as often.

Me:  So what you’re saying is because “Chubby” has a crappy body, it makes things easier for you?

Muffin:  Yeah I guess so

Me:  Be honest, do you really like seeing “Chubby” naked?

Muffin:  Well…You’re not going to use my real name right? To be honest it is kind of hard to look at him naked, so I either keep my eyes closed, or only look at the ceiling. Usually if I know he wants to have sex I start drinking right after work, and by the time evening rolls around I’m so wasted it doesn’t matter what he looks like.

Me:  Well that doesn’t seem like it makes for a good relationship

Muffin:  Well, I guess it isn’t, but because “Chubby” looks like a pathetic loser, I can totally dominate him, and I know he won’t be leaving me for some other chick, he feels so lucky to be with me, so I basically can do whatever I want and he just has to take it. That’s the way it is when you’re the better looking one in the relationship.

Me:  Well, I am starting to feel sorry for “Chubby” now…

Muffin:  Well, sometimes I feel sorry for him too, but then I remember he has a “Dad Bod” so he deserves the abuse I give him. The way I see it, if he really cared about himself he would have cared more about his appearance instead of drinking beer and eating all that pizza. He is just lucky that he has a lot of money, otherwise I never would have subjected myself to the humiliation of being seen with him in public.

Me:  Well …Hmm, Okay one last question. What advice would you give to women who are not attracted to guys with the “Dad Bod”?

Muffin:  I would totally tell them to go for it, these “Dad Bod” guys totally worship the women they are with because they don’t think they can do better, the ladies will totally make bank, and get to treat these guys like dogs, and it’s so much fun.

Well, as you can see from this interview “Muffin” she is a total whacko, but yet I would say she does share some of the wisdom behind why women are going for the “Dad Bod” guys.  If they are dating a one of these guys, they will always be the good looking one, there are less pressures in the health and fitness areas and the guys are more likely to be easily controlled.

I will just continue to do my own thing, I refuse to have a “Dad Bod” and if that means I will have a harder time finding a lady, then so be it.

Let me hear your opinion? Are you Pro “Dad Bod” or Anti “Dad Bod”




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