A Bully In Walmart and Running Into Grace Under Fire




So…I went to Walmart yesterday, I was just in there to pick up a few items and get out of there as quick as possible, before any of the crazies got a hold of me. Too late, as I was checking out the rice situation, I heard this kid screaming in the next aisle over, almost positive the entire store heard him. This kid was in the middle of a Nuclear Meltdown, an epic tantrum, if you have had kids you know they happen. I have seen many a Toddler in my day have epic meltdowns, it’s always kind of funny when it happens to someone else, not so much when it’s your kid.

Another thing I find funny is everyone’s reaction towards the parent of the little meltdown monster. As a parent who has been there I know it’s humiliating and can emotionally scar you..just a little, but what can you do? Pull out your Taser and Taze little Billy Bob? Or quickly shoot 50cc of Benadryl into him hopefully knocking him out before anyone notices? I guess what most people expect you to do is drop all your groceries and immediately run into the parking lot, so as to save them from having to deal with little Billy Bob’s epic meltdown, but it’s not always that simple, and maybe you don’t have time to shut down the whole operation just because Billy Bob went Nuclear.

So as a parent I’m somewhat sympathetic to this situation, and really didn’t pay the noise all that much attention. As I went into the next aisle, I came across the mother and her little Nuclear device, she had a cart full of groceries she had a kid seated in the cart and another walking beside her. Well, actually he wasn’t really walking so much as he was flailing and thrashing about like he just invented some bizarre, pissed off interpretive dance.  I could tell quite easily that he was angry about something, from what I could pick up from during all the yelling he was doing, he was wanting to acquire a certain Rice Krispy cereal, but I guess the mother refused to buy it for him. I will admit, I feel his pain, I miss those sugary cereals myself.

I could also understand the mother’s pain even more. She could bribe her kid into silence, but she was sticking to her guns…I say good for her. Sure, if she would have just given in to his demands my shopping experience would have ended up more pleasurable, but I was rooting for her nonetheless. I could tell not everyone felt the same way, apparently.

There was this one guy, whom I happen to know, through a mutual friend. That was also in the aisle coming towards me and behind the mother and kids. Guess he thought he knew me better than he did, because he rolled his eyes and said in a loud voice…“Man, some people need to learn how to control their f**king kids”  The mother had definitely heard him, but I assume that was this guy’s intention. Then the dude looked at me with an expression like he was expecting a  “High Five” , I think he expected me to say “Woo Hoo, Yeah put it here dude, you really told that mother and her three year old off…Sweet”. Can’t help but wonder what would make this guy think I would re-act that way? Is it because I look like some ex-con or something?

So I didn’t respond the way the dude who said that comment probably wanted me to. Instead, I offered my own helpful suggestion…“Dude, some people need to learn how to keep their mouths shut, and mind their own business”  He looked at me with a semi-hurt, semi-pissed look, then muttered a few choice words and walked away. To me he was being a Bully, the mother was already frazzled by her kid going Nuclear, so I felt I had no choice but to say something in the mother’s defense. I’m sure I will hear about it from our mutual friend.

I guess to further make things even harder on the mother, shortly after that jackass said his little comment, her kid bumped into a display and knocked a bunch of stuff onto the ground. I started to help pick it all up, but she said she wanted her son to do it because he’s the one who made the mess. Kudo’s to you mom! Nicely played. I think a lot of people would buckle under the pressure of having your offspring go Nuclear in aisle 10, while it seems the whole store stops and watches how you handle it. But this lady stayed cool and composed, it was kind of an inspiring performance on her part.

After that, I figured it was time to get out of Walmart before something else happened. But I just wanted to give a shout out to this random mother I ran into yesterday, she was the epitome of  “Grace Under Fire” and also made me glad my Toddler days are long behind me.

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