My Flag Challenge…I Want To See Old Glory Flying High Today

Apollo 17



So I’ve been seeing a lot of people on the internet disrespecting the flag, it really pisses me off, so I would like to do something about it.  I fly Old Glory outside my house every single day, and I have done so for as long as I can remember. The American flag means so much to me, I see it as a symbol of our Freedoms, and for all the men and women who have died to defend those Freedoms. And yes, those Freedoms even give shitbags the right to burn or desecrate the flag, perhaps it is your right to do so, but just never do it near me, regardless of what legal troubles I may face, it would be worth it in my mind.

So for all you flag burners and country haters, I will agree America is not a perfect country.  Like all nations, it is a collection of human beings, and human beings are notorious for occasionally making bad decisions, being selfish, or otherwise simply blowing it.  However, there is a lot right about this country, though often we get so caught up in the rhetoric, that we miss it.  It’s not that other countries can’t make claims regarding their own unique and positive qualities, or that America is the only country that matters, but I feel compelled to stand up for the nation of my birth.

So today I would like to Challenge everyone who reads this, if you own an American flag post a picture of it on here, show your pride and love of country. Let’s get the Red, White and Blue out there, I think the flag is artwork, it means so much to so many…Come on let’s see those beauties fly!

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