Your Cat Is Talking To You…Are You Listening?



I have been doing a lot of research lately as to why Cats behave the way they do.  I know, I’m not technically an expert on the subject as of yet but I am just going to pretend I am.  Besides this is on the Internet and everyone knows you can only put accurate information on the Internets, it’s some kinda of law or something.

The one area in particular that I focused most of my research on was how Cats communicate, and why they do it. Unless you were dropped on your head as a baby, I’m sure you have figured out that Cats make a  “Meow”  sound when they communicate. For example, in the mornings your Cat may sit outside your bedroom door making desperate and highly annoying Meow sounds, this is to wake you up and notify you of your transgression, you selfishly and with utter malice, locked it out of your room, therefore it was unable to sleep well because it wasn’t snugly resting on top of your head….Shame on you!

Another example is when you first get out of bed in the morning, your Cat will start a series of rapid Meows, this is to let you know that you need to go into the kitchen immediately, and place food into it’s bowl, even if the bowl is still full, it demands freshness and it demands it now!

If your Cat starts Meowing as you gather your things and are getting ready to head out the door for work, it means your Cat is upset with you. You are clearly making a mistake, your priority should be to stay home and cater to its every wish and desire, at least until it grows sick of you then you must leave, but not too far, perhaps in the closet.

Now if your anything like me, you have a surveillance system set up in your home so you can watch and listen to your Cat while your away from the home. If you do, then you will notice that your Cat will occasionally let out a few random Meows, this usually means something disturbed them from their nap. Most often  the Meows are usually one to two quiet Meows, they may even open one eye just to survey the area, if they spot something odd they may even slightly elevate their head to get a better look at the object. Once they determine it was nothing of consequence they will resume their nap. But if the object they spotted turned out to be interesting, like a bird outside the window, this will require immediate action on their part. Once they are at the window and see the bird moving around the Cat may then start making a “Coo Coo Coo”  sound which means  “Hey, what the hell is that? I want that thing”.

Once you arrive home from a hard day at work, your Cat may start letting loose with a series of frenzied Meows, you may mistakenly think that it means they missed you and that they are glad your home, this type of thinking would be foolish on your part. What your Cat is really trying to say to you is …”Hey, I want more food, I have a piece of poo poo stuck to my fur, quickly remove it!  And I have had a rough day of napping on the sofa alone all damn day, I will need your lap to make my day complete”

When in the evening your preparing your meal, then you sit down to eat your dinner, your Cat may start Meowing, it is letting you know that a mistake has been made, yet again. It clearly thought you were making an evening meal for them, but you selfishly decided to eat it for yourself, how dare you! Now the correct course of action on your part should be to apologize, and then share your dinner with the Cat, waiting until your Cat is done before you finish off the remaining food.

And finally if your Cat start’s Meowing as you prepare yourself for bed, it means that you have forgotten, yet again, whose house you are living in. Your Cat gets confused as to why you would turn down the covers, then slide yourself into their bed. They usually are willing to share, mainly because they feel sorry for you, to them you’re a simpleton, who is always messing up. So your best response is just relax, and try not to make those faces it doesn’t like as your Cat kneads it’s claws into your stomach, then it will curl up around your hair before going to sleep.

I hope this helps you understand your Cat a little better when it starts communicating with you…just be sure to listen to it next time.

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