Don’t Forget Your Mom On Mother’s Day…Unless She Sucked




With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to take a few moments and reflect on the importance of moms. I was lucky, I had great parents, who did their best to give me a happy childhood, and were always there for me as an adult. So yes, I was fortunate, and I will always be grateful for all that they did.

So Mother’s Day is when we are supposed to recognize all the hard work that Mom’s do. They protect their young from the evils of the world, kiss the boo boo’s that all kids get, and act as our biggest and best cheerleader throughout our lives. So those mother’s deserve that special day once a year to be celebrated.

But…With everything going on in the world, I can’t help but think not all moms are that great. There are mom’s out there that do not deserve to be showered with gifts and praise even for that one day a year, Especially when they continue to treat their kids like crap the other 364 days. This might be upsetting to some of you, perhaps I don’t know everyone’s story so I shouldn’t judge…perhaps. But perhaps we should stop being politically correct all the time and call things the way they truly are. I feel 99% of the Mother’s and Father’s out there are doing the right thing, and deserve the cards, dinners, and gifts they rightly deserve, and they surely deserve at least one damn day of recognition.

Again, there is that 1% though, those mothers who always seem to put their needs before their kids, the mothers who can’t seem to afford to buy their kids new school clothes, yet can buy themselves a $400 purse. Those mom’s that are at the bars every night looking for love, instead of being happy enough with the love of their children. Mothers who think of their kids as a burden, instead of a gift. Those mom’s do not deserve that special day, the day when we honor the deeds and sacrifices of the real mom’s. The real mom’s that willingly devote themselves to their children, knowing they brought them into this world and it is their job to do everything they can to make sure theirs kids are happy and successful. Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs there is, it’s a job whose only pay comes in hearing their children’s laughter, hearing them say  “I love you”  and those amazing little hugs.

So for all those Awesome Mom’s out there, I hope you all get your flowers, cards, candy (fat free), cheesy kid drawings, and breakfasts in bed, or maybe just a day to yourself. But even more important, I hope you receive as many hugs as you give, I hope you’re told how loved you are and may you get the recognition you truly deserve and not just on Mother’s Day but throughout the year. I know a lot of Amazing mom’s, I would not be friends with anyone who wasn’t, and sometimes I don’t know how they do it, but they should be proud of themselves, especially those single moms who always seem to do the right thing, regardless of how hard it is on them.

Thanks Mom, You did a great job, even though I was a pain in the butt!

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