My Magical Four-Legged Wingman…



Sometimes meeting women can be a challenge for me, I really don’t get out much besides the gym and a few other spots, I like living a simple life, it keeps the drama and stress at a minimum. Besides I’ve never been one to really go chat up a stranger, let alone a female. I always seem to wait for them to talk to me first, which probably explains why I’m single. But recently something magical has been happening, (Yes, I will call it magical because there is no other way to explain it) I believe my cat Ms. Kitty has somehow become my special four-legged wingman.

Now in the past, I would go for walks alone as a way of getting some fresh air and a little cardio, but ever since I got Ms.Kitty a new walking harness, I have been taking her on walks with me, sure I know what you might be thinking, I probably look like some big freak walking a cat, but I tell you what, I haven’t gotten so much female attention in like …forever. And on top of now being my little chick magnet, Ms.Kitty has been nicer to me, perhaps it’s the fresh air and sunshine that she has been getting on our little walks. So that in itself is something special, since she is usually cold and detached towards me. So I don’t know how she is doing it, but somehow Ms.Kitty is magically making women stop and talk to me, perhaps as a thank you for me taking her on my walks or perhaps she feels sorry for me, regardless I’m okay with it.

Now in the past when I went for a walk by myself, if I saw an attractive female, I wouldn’t say anything, I would usually look down, perhaps it was fear, I know how dangerous women are so I’m always just a little cautious and I usually have no idea what to say anyways, I feel like I usually just end up looking stupid. But now everything has changed, since Ms.Kitty has started walking with me the women now approach me, and the best part I don’t even have to think of something clever to say, Ms.Kitty has taken care of that too, the women just ask if they can pet my kitty, then they instantly get down on their knees to pet and play with her, and all I have to do is stand there and answer their questions about the cat, it has worked out perfectly several now.

It’s almost too easy…

So I’m telling you guys, cats are instant conversations starters. All you need to do is take them for a walk with you. And the women will practically throw themselves at you, well at your cat actually, but close enough. So if you’re kind of laid back and reserved like me, a cat can be a great way to meet the ladies.

Today was another great example of Ms.Kitty using her magic, I was walking her in the park and I saw this gorgeous woman walking towards me, I momentarily forgot I had my cat with me and I was trying to think of a way to talk to this woman without sounding awkward and creepy. But then I saw a smile on the woman’s face as she neared me, and she started a conversation with me…”Awww..What’s your kitty’s name?” BAM!!  Ms.Kitty did it again, reeled her in, hook, line and sinker. The woman and I started talking and smiling, we introduced ourselves.

Boom! Ice broken…

Now I’m thinking perhaps I need to take Ms.Kitty with me everywhere I go, that way she can work her magic pretty much anywhere—Walmart, the gym, restaurants, maybe even the movies. You never know, the love of my life just might be at Walmart, and if I didn’t have my cat with me I might never make the connection.  I mean, I might bump into several women just while walking down the frozen foods isle, and if my cat’s mojo is really working, I might have three or four phone numbers in my pocket before I even head over to the produce section. I feel like my life has changed for the better now and I owe it all to Ms.Kitty.

You only get so many chances in life to find your soulmate. And now with my special four-legged wingman by my side, I feel like I will finally find her. So guys, don’t miss out on finding your soulmate or maybe just a date for the weekend. Get to the animal shelter and adopt yourself a furry little friend today.

Then get out there and walk them….


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