I’m A Proud “FUBAR Parent” So Your Logic And Reason Matter Little To Me..




Sometimes being a Parent can be challenging, I feel like we get pressured into following what the mainstream wants you to do, but over the years I feel I have developed a more effective parenting model. I call it  “FUBAR Parenting”  it’s actually a pretty simple and straight forward approach to parenting, I’m sure one day CPS  will do a case study on it and recommend it to all new parents.

So here are the basics of  ‘FUBAR Parenting”...I do what I want regardless of the impact on others, pretty simple huh?  I like to think I place my beliefs above facts or common sense regardless of what the situation is. The choices I make are none of anyone’s business but my own. Once in a while someone will think they can tell me what I should be doing when it comes to my kids. I just can’t handle this type of interference or meddling into my affairs. So I do not care what anyone thinks, I stand firmly behind all my choices. That is even more so when it comes to medical issues, if I don’t want my kids vaccinated then it’s my fundamental right as an  American Parent  to decide which eradicated diseases come roaring back like a fat kid making a mad dash for the last cupcake at a birthday party

Under my  “FUBAR Parenting”  style,  If I choose to cause a full-blown, multi-state pandemic of some virus that was long ago eliminated from the Nation it’s my choice alone, and regardless of your personal convictions, this God given right should never be allowed to be taken from me or any parent…Never.

You can say whatever you want about me, you can even make fun of my  “FUBAR Parenting”  plan, but I have done my research and heard every argument, so I’m pretty confident in my choice to revive a debilitating illness that was long ago declared dead and if it happens to spread like a brush fire from school to school, town to town and state to state, until it finally reaches every corner of this great country. Perhaps I choose to bring back the  Mumps. Or maybe it’s  Diphtheria, or maybe it’s some other potentially fatal disease that can easily pass among those too young or too medically unfit to be vaccinated themselves. But listen, whatever highly communicable and formerly wiped-out disease that I opt to resurrect with a vengeance, it is a very personal decision that only I and my family have the liberty to make.

Look, arguing with me over this is pointless, as a responsible  “FUBAR Parent”, I know what’s best. That’s it…End of story!  So all you Doctors, Politicians and Know-It-Alls out there have no idea the specific circumstances that made me decide to revive new life into a viral infection that scientists and the Nation at large celebrated wiping out roughly a century ago. It seems like all anyone cares about is following outdated precautions, they just want to inject chemicals into our kids, preventing ghastly illnesses that used to ravage millions and have since been erased from the Nation. Now you tell me should I really listen to people who believe in that theory?

Now I’m not going to try and tell other Parent’s out there what to do, I’m simply standing up for every parent’s right to make their own decision. You might choose to follow the Government-recommended immunization schedule for your child, and that’s your right as a Parent. And I may choose to unleash Rubella  on thousands upon thousands of helpless people, and you guessed it, that’s my right as well.

Let’s make this simple….You don’t tell me how to raise my kids to avoid reviving a horrific illness that hasn’t been seen on our shores since our grandparents were little tyke’s, and I won’t tell you how to raise your kids.

Like I said, I’ve done the research on this issue, I’ve read all the statistics, and I’ve carefully considered the costs and benefits, and there’s simply no question in my mind that inciting a nationwide health emergency by unleashing a disease that can kill 20% or more of its victims is the right one for my child…People need to respect that and move on!

If any of you parent’s out there want to learn more about the  “FUBAR Parenting”  plan, or just would like to get your kids together with mine for a play date feel free to message me.

*Just in case you couldn’t tell I’m being Sarcastic …Don’t be a Dumb-Ass, get your kids Immunized!

One comment

  1. Cari · April 16, 2015

    I’m glad you put that disclaimer at the bottom, lol.


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