Five Sure Fire Ways For A Guy To Get Your Ass-Kicked At A Lesbian Bar…




Five sure fire ways for a guy to get your ass-kicked at a lesbian bar…


5.) Toss the keys to your Prius at Tammy, the bouncer and admonish, “Now you be careful with Daddy’s toy!”

4.) Instruct the bartender to, “Be a good girl and fetch me the wine list…and while you’re at would you mind switching the channel to the Bravo Network?”

3.) Slowly stir your drink, While staring at Donna and her girlfriend Beth, and then look directly at Beth’s boobs and say, “What’s a man gotta do to get some action around here?”

2.) Proudly show off your t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan, “Free Mustache Rides”.

1.) Laugh at two girls kissing, while taking pics of them with your phone, then say loudly and with conviction “Player 3 has entered the game”

I invite your suggestions…

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