My Weekend Reflection On Living A Simple Life…My Kids And Parenting



My Weekend Reflection On Living A Simple Life…My Kids And Parenting

I spent part of this Easter Weekend reflecting on things, I work hard to keep my life Simple, and you would think keeping things Simple wouldn’t be so much work but it is. I don’t believe in wasting money on “things”, I can’t take anything with me when I go, so I try my best to keep my priorities right. My kids are absolutely everything to me, I was very lucky to be blessed with three amazing men. I wish I could say I have been a perfect father, a perfect role-model, but I’m human, so yeah I’ve made some mistakes along the way. But I know I’ve done one thing perfectly, I have done everything possible to let them know they are loved, I tell them every day, multiple times, they probably get annoyed by it, but it’s important to me. And I try to let them know as often as possible how proud I am of them, they are three unique and individual beings, they each have different goals and dreams. And I want them to know that no matter what I will always be there cheering them on, I’m confident that they all will be successful in their lives no matter what they do.

Telling your kids that you Love them and Support them is Simple, showing them by your actions towards them should be just as Simple. “With Love and Support young wings can soar high above the dangers that Doubt and Insecurity bring”.

I had an interesting conversation with my youngest this weekend, we were talking about wealth and what are truly the important things in life, I think our kids can get a warped perception of what “wealth” really is, when they are young they talk about making lots of money and buying big houses and expensive things. One of the things I tried to share with my son was that the value of your Experiences in life will far outweigh the value of any possessions you may attain. You should teach your kids that Travels, Adventures, Experiencing the World for themselves will be something that will stay with them a lifetime, it’s something they can share and pass on to others. And “things” are just that …things. So teach them to use their time and money wisely for both are far too easily wasted.

So in keeping with the whole Simple theme that I try my best to live by, some of the things I was reflecting on this weekend that may help YOU if you’re looking to Simplify your life, or if you’re at a loss of what to share with your kids when having a conversation on what’s important in life and what’s not.

~Emotions…Most negative emotions are completely useless. Resentment, Bitterness, Hate, and Jealousy have never improved the quality of life for a single human being. Take responsibility for your Emotions. Forgive past hurts and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

~Your Words…Use fewer words. Keep your speech plain and honest. Mean what you say. Avoid gossip.

~Failure…Don’t be afraid to fail, to borrow a quote from John Keats: “Don’t be discouraged by a failure. It can be a positive experience. Failure is, in a sense, the highway to success, in as much as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true, and every fresh experience points out some form of error which we shall afterwards carefully avoid.”  Don’t waste your time on fretting about failing. It won’t matter. Just go out and do it.

~Goals…Have them, lots of them and work every day towards achieving them.

~Your Body…It’s true your body is a Temple, the only Temple you will ever have, so treat it right, eat healthy, exercise, say HELL NO to drugs and don’t let anyone else abuse your Temple.

Well those are just a few of the many things that I could share, but I wanted to keep this Simple as well. Tell your kids you Love them, Show them that you Support them, and value the time that you have with them, never take it for granted. And Thanks for let me share my weekend reflection with you.

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