Back When I Was In School…




I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it’s pretty obvious that there are some major issues going on with today’s youth. Especially in large urban areas, there are many factors as to why this is happening, but I want to focus on just one, because if I tried to cover them all then this would end up an E book and nobody wants that.

But I think I can touch on the subject of our Education system and try to keep this short enough that everyone doesn’t freak out and move on to a Facebook quiz.

Okay…I’m just going to say it…Our education system is going through some difficult challenges…Well at least in some areas, but even in general things have really changed even since I was in school.

Back in when I was a kid,  I think the teachers knew that kids learned best when they were stuck to their seats and not running around the classroom like a pack of Wild Boars.

There was Discipline, in my early days of schooling I went to a Private Baptist school and they did not take kindly to any type of Misbehavior , if we caused trouble we got paddled…Corporal Punishment was handed out like candy on Halloween.

I guess you could say we learned our ABC’s while being mindful of our P’s and Q’s and by the time I reached high school I had learned how to spell properly, I said the Pledge daily, I could add decently and accepted instruction with a certain blind obedience.

I think the kids of my time period had a respect for the teachers, never once did I hear of a student assaulting a teacher and honestly even the occasional kid that acted out and was Disrespectful to a Teacher seemed few and far between.

But Today? It would seem to me that the schools are out of control, and I’m really referring to the schools in large urban areas, were you hear cases of teachers being assaulted, kids running the classes through fear and intimidation, it’s like they have become Part Zoo…Part Prison…And Part Roman Orgy. I feel like I should lay the blame on the lack of instruction on basics,  like simple Mathematics and an outrageous shortage of Respect.

Looking in from the outside, I think these kids just don’t Respect anything…Least of all their Teachers. And sometimes it’s hard to blame them, It would seem a kid is free to dissect a frog and then turn his blade on his fellow students and the teacher dare not intervene for fear of stifling his creativity, facing disciplinary action or taking a 9mm   “Cap in da Ass”  as his reward. It almost seems to me that a prerequisite to becoming a Teacher these days would be having prior experience as a bank hostage.

Is it fair to say in some areas the students are running the show? It’s like they descend on their schools like a Mongol Horde and Roam the hallways screaming and fighting while thumbing their noses at authority. Someone told me once that they are not reading  “The Lord of the Flies” …they are acting it out on a daily basis. No wonder we are churning out a generation of Feral Menaces… Anarchy and Disrespect have become a core curriculum.

Honestly, this insanity needs to end, You can turn on the news and see the Mayhem that goes on in large urban areas, kids are getting killed because they never learned to Respect the Authority…And then turn around and blame the Authority when they have to take control of the Chaos. It’s time to instill Discipline back into the schools, have the Teachers in control, and earn the Respect they deserve…And by God start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance.

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