Hey Nerd…I Pick Invisibility!




So I was recently asked one of those nerdy little questions by one of those nerdy type people, you know the type, they believe in Science and Math. I feel bad for them because all us real people know Math isn’t real and Science is just Witchcraft.  Anyways this guy asked me  “If you could have any superpower what would it be”  Honestly, I thought he was hitting on me so I just told him I wished I was a Nerd and walked away. But now that I have had some time to think about it I want to re-do my answer, so I pick the power of “Invisibility”

This evening I did a lot of research of make believe Superpowers so I think Invisibility truly would be the best one to have. Why? Well because nobody can see you. You’re there but not there. Think about it you could be in the same room with someone, standing just inches away and they would never know. I guess, technically they could reach out and touch you, but why would they? They wouldn’t know you are there. If any of these Superpower things were real and there really was an Invisible person they could be watching me right now, as I sit on the toilet laboring away on my laptop and I would never know….But just in case I would randomly swing my arms about like a windmill to keep them away from me.

Just for fun go look in the mirror, now pretend there is no one looking back at you. Now put your hands in front of your face and pretend that you see nothing but the wall on the other side of the room…If you actually did this your kinda special aren’t you?

But really Invisibility would totally blow people’s minds if it was real, I could walk into a crowded room with my cat and hold it over my head and people would totally freak out and think Ms.Kitty was just floating around the room. I’m sure some nerd in the room would blurt out that Ms.Kitty floating around is totally against the laws of physics, so I would go over by him and allow Ms.Kitty to scratch his face, she doesn’t care much for nerds either.

I could totally walk around naked in Walmart, fill up my shopping cart and walk out as everyone in their leopard tights and baggy cotton blend sweat pants are running around in disbelief.

There is a downside to everything, and I imagine the downside to Invisibility would be how tempting it would be to abuse it. For example, it would be really easy to rob a bank, I could just stand in the lobby, totally unnoticed by anyone, and slip into the vault, grab some cash and slip back out…Easy Breezy. And if by chances someone saw the money magically walking out nobody would believe them and they would probably end up getting blamed for the robbery.

Now if I really did have the power of Invisibility, I’m not saying I would use it for bad purposes, but I would have to be careful because it would be tempting.

Well in any case this is all fantasy and it’s never going to happen. So if I want to walk around Walmart naked I’m just going to have to wear a trench coat like everyone else. But now that I think about it having the Superpower of Elasticity would be cool too, I could stretch my arms and legs or whatever parts I wanted, out several feet…Now that would be Amazing.

What Superpower would YOU choose?

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