My Mind Has Gone Off The Reservation…Again





Okay, so once in a while my mind goes off the reservation and I start thinking things and seeing things that nobody would probably ever notice or pay attention to. And it just so happens one of these  “things”  popped up on my radar the other day, thanks to Facebook of course.

In my daily feed I noticed one of my  “friends”  is pregnant and due to give birth in a few months. This in itself wouldn’t raise any issues normally, Heck it seems like everyone is having a baby according to my information outlet…My Facebook Feed, this is where I always get my little bits of juicy gossip, like who’s having a baby, who doesn’t know who the baby daddy is, who is breaking up this marriage, who is sleeping with who and who ended up in jail over the weekend…Always great stuff.

Anyways back to this  “friend”   who is pushing a baby out in a few months, let’s give her a code name so she doesn’t know I’m talking about her…Her real name is Staci so let’s call her  “Traci”…So great news for “Traci”  having her first child, sadly according to Facebook she will be going it alone, it appears the  “Daddy”  in this case didn’t want anything to do with this whole debacle, but she is going through with it and I commend her for that.

But this is where my mind started putting a few things together and it has caused me to be concerned for the welfare of  “Traci’s”  soon to be bundle of joy, Now, again thanks to Facebook I noticed that  “Traci”  had posted an ad in the local online classifieds asking who replaces Iphone screens because she dropped her phone, now this incident took place roughly five months ago, perhaps no big deal as a stand-alone incident…But roughly two months after the Iphone incident  “Traci”  again posted an ad in the classified asking who is the cheapest and most reliable auto body place in town, turns out she wrecked her car while driving on the ice.

Okay I don’t know about you but two incidents of damaging property in a two month’s time frame? This is raising Red Flags, but the real damning incident happened three weeks ago, when  “Traci”  posted on her page that she accidentally knocked her flat screen TV over and broke it…That was the final straw for me, I’m like two seconds away from calling Child Protective Services and Homeland Security.

“Traci”  who habitually mishandles and destroys expensive, fragile and even heavy duty items is due to bring a delicate newborn into this world? I can just see her next ad in the classifieds  ” Does anyone know what I should do I dropped my baby and now it’s cross-eyed”  I’m literally beside myself, I know the right thing to do would be to turn over this information to the authorities, but I remember what happened last time I did that, the unprofessionalism shown by those Deputy’s laughing at me…Not with me, at me, was totally uncalled for.

I guess for now all I can do is watch my Facebook feed and just hope nothing bad happens…I would hate to have to say I told you so!

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