I Hope My Soul Mate Lifts Weights…





I have been giving some thought lately to this whole idea of a  “Soul Mate”  and given my past experiences, observations of others and the  “All Knowing Internet”  I have come to the conclusion that the whole Soul Mate idea is baloney, think about it like this, the notion that there is only one person on this planet who is right for you is just crazy talk. If that was true then finding that special someone would be like hitting the Powerball jackpot, the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

Do you really think it’s possible? I am leaning more towards the theory that there are no fairy tale endings… Once true love’s first kiss happens that’s not the end of the story, that’s just where things start to get messy.

I believe there is a small amount of truth to the whole fantasy of a  “Soul Mate”,  perhaps it can happen…Eventually. Okay, play along with me on this for a second, if you take two people from completely different backgrounds, and different genders, also make them from different parts of the country, or world even…that’s right let’s go Global with this. Now you tell these two  “Soul Mates”  to make a life together and I don’t know about you but I just don’t think it is going to work out that well. If this was a Couple’s Marathon, most of the couples would never even make it past the first lap, let alone make it through the rougher parts of the race. I don’t care who you are you show me one couple who hasn’t thought long and hard about calling it quits at some point during the relationship.

A Marriage is a full time job, You have to get to know the other person, build up a tolerance for all the weird habits they have, usually do to poor parenting when they were kids, learn to share your food even when you told them to order their own…All this stuff isn’t for the faint of heart. Perhaps you will get lucky and find someone who will put up with you and you are willing to put up with them…And if you’re Super Lucky you may even hit pay dirt and find someone who is extra easy on the eyes.

Okay let’s say you hit the  “Jackpot”  and reeled in a keeper…Now What? Even if you do your very best, life is going to creep up now and again and smack you in the family jewels. You are bound to have Debt…Kids…Houses…Work  all these things will do their best to suck the romance right the heck out of this happy little union faster than you can say  “Hey, Honey what does it mean when the bill is pink?”

And on top of this crap you also run the risk of forgetting what made that person so special to begin with. You might start to take the idea that they will always be there for granted, and you quit putting in the effort to make sure they have a reason to stay. And then there’s always the fact that people change, which means you and your  “Jackpot”  are not quite the same as you used to be. New interests arise, New friends, New jobs, Maybe a few extra pounds…It can begin to feel like you have a stranger next to you.

Most Marriages usually don’t end with a BANG!, instead they fizzle out. Things begin to go bad ever so slowly, most people don’t realize it until it’s too late. I believe one of the biggest Marriage  “Ender’s”  isn’t infidelity, but our stubborn Pride. We are usually too proud to admit when we are wrong, too proud to ask for and accept good advice, or just too damn proud to honestly and openly say  “I love you”  when it matters most.

I am absolutely the last person to take Marriage advice from, I have failed miserably at them, Nobody is perfect, the grass is not greener on the other side, I have learned so much, but always in hindsight. So from someone who has learned the hard lessons of failure let me give you this one bit of advice. If you’re with someone who was once your  “Jackpot”  If you have the chance, do what it takes to keep it alive. Make that person feel  Special…Wanted…Protected…Attractive…Valued…But most of all  Loved. Change yourself for them and make their Happiness a priority. Don’t let something good slip away just because you think you’re fine how you are. We can all use a little Reinvention now and again.

So getting back to the whole  “Soul Mate”  idea, the truth of it is you will actually meet your  “Soul Mate”  but only after you have been with them for a long while and put the hard work in…But it should be worth it right?  It has to be…Right?

One comment

  1. unoaku · March 16, 2015

    If only finding my soul mate could be a lot easier, getting tired of trying. Putting it all in God’s hands.


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