Sometime’s Going With A Muffin Isn’t Always The Best Option…






Some people say you can have a Muffin anytime of the day..But I say Nay Nay, and of course I’m not talking about a regular Muffin. That would be too easy. I’m talking about the other type of Muffin, you know when your britches are too tight..That Muffin.


In case you’re new here, let me explain how Muffin Tops come about. When a person, usually always a female (sorry ladies) wear low-rise jeans but do not have the waist to pull off said jeans. The result of this fashion  “No No”  is an overflow of chub that cascades over the top of the jeans much like when the local aqueduct overflows when the snow melts off.  (It’s a local thing)  Everyone knows it’s going to happen yet they never try to stop it.


Let’s have a Heart to Heart ladies, just because those low-rise jeans may look cool doesn’t mean you should wear it. If you cannot pull it off don’t do it. For the love of all that is good and holy just don’t do it. Just because Bruce Jenner is turning himself into a Tranny doesn’t mean I’m going to do it because I once thought he was cool. Beside I would look hideous as a Tranny, I just can’t pull off a short skirt and Halter top these days.


My completely un-asked for advice to you is pick a fashion that works for your body type. Just like for women at the beach you should not wear a bikini if you are gravitationally challenged and as for dudes if you are not a member of the swim team don’t wear the Speedos…It’s like trying to shove a round peg into a square hole..It didn’t work when you were age 2…it won’t work now.


Look I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or be an insensitive jerk, I am merely just trying to get people to take an honest look at their bodies and then take an honest look at their clothes. Honestly…do they go together? If your midsection is desperately trying to escape over your low-rise jeans like a prisoners over the walls of Sing Sing, the answer is a resounding NO..I said NO!

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