The Day “Billy” Complained About My Writing…






So I received an interesting  “critique”  of my writing from someone I will call  “Billy”…  Basically  “Billy” was telling me that my writings forever be..Crap. Now I don’t mind if someone doesn’t like what I write or the style of writing I use, it happens and well to be I honest I don’t care.

Anyways this kid  “Billy”  and I know it was a kid because he use emoticons and texting lingo for his words, not to mention it was grammatically damaging to my eyes and brain…shit even I can use spell check. But the kid had a point, I mean I’m pretty sure he did, but he did such a poor job articulating it that I was left confused and unsure if  “Billy”  was trying to  “Sext”  me or just complain.  But my response to him and anyone one else who doesn’t like my writing is .Don’t read it..period..end of subject, I don’t force anyone to read this..I mean if I could figure out how I probably would but as of yet I can’t figure that out.

Okay, so the whole point of this was I wanted to say something about the failings of the youth and their ability to communicate properly.

I know I am not a great writer, but at least when I was younger I had the expectation placed on me to be able to use a pencil and paper …And  actually write in full sentences. I had to use commas, periods and even an occasional verb in order to express my feelings.

These days it seems way to many youngsters couldn’t write a complete sentence if their Xbox’s life depended upon it. Heck, some of them wouldn’t even recognize a Number 2 Ticonderoga (Pencil) if you jammed one into one of their facial piercings.

Now like any good ol’ red blooded American I need to blame someone or something for this so today I blame Text Messaging and Social Media  (Why not right?) It looks like everything these youngsters write is unfiltered, unedited, unintelligible and filled with some weird slang and asinine abbreviations.

I’m mean really..How hard is it to type out the words  “by the way”  I am not very good at Math, but pretty sure that’s only 8  “Eight”(Ocho…For my Spanish readers)  letters..Come on make the effort.

I can remember using abbreviations when I was younger but it was for actually complicated things like “bacon, lettuce and tomato”  sandwich..That’s 21  “Twenty-One”(Umm..Errr…Dos Uno in Spanish?) letters…Hopefully you can see the difference.

When kids use LOL..ROTFLMAO..FU tard? when talking to me I really have no clue whats going on, it’s all gibberish and it seems lazy to me.

I’m pretty sure if I talked to some adults like that when I was a kid they would have thought I was  “Special” and not in a good way, then I would have been beaten upside the head with a dictionary.

Alright so  “Billy”  if your reading this, All I ask is next time you want to complain about my writing, just take the time to use this amazing language we have, I call it  Freedom English  because chances are if you speak it, brave men and women fought and died for your right to use it…So use it correctly.

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