Eyebrows…Why Do You Torment Me



Recently I have become aware of a weird phobia I think I have developed for Eyebrows…Eyebrows now seem to freak me out. And I think I can pin-point the moment I developed this phobia. I was talking to this lady while at the gym, we were both waiting for the drinking fountain, she was asking me a few questions (she was being kind of flirty) but then I noticed one of her eyebrows was (smeared off) she had penciled on eyebrows and I guess in the course of her workout she  “wiped”  it clean off. I tried to sputter out a few words but I was completely taken back by her missing eyebrow…Needless to say I quickly excused myself from her presence and basically hid from her the rest of the time I was at the gym.


So this incident happened about three weeks ago but I’m still feeling the effects from the encounter. As a result I now have a fear of Eyebrows, I know they are just subtle little things, I mean I can go a day or two without remembering eyebrows even exist. But then suddenly I will notice someone’s eyebrows and start to freak out inside. I will start staring at everyone’s eyebrows. I mean why have these little patches of hairy strips sitting on everyone’s foreheads cause me such much grief?


“We would all look sillier without them”  a friend told me…But would we? If Adam and Eve never had them then it would be normal to see smooth skin above the eyes and we would probably be disgusted by Hippies or Hipsters who grew their forehead hair out just to be different….I really wish that scenario was reality now.


According to the Almighty Wikipedia, which states eyebrows are important to human communication and facial expression. But I don’t really buy into that theory, it was probably written by some big hairy eyebrow wearing person, who is completely biased.


Well I hope one day I can get over this phobia and become a functioning member of society yet again.

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