Things I Openly Hate…Child Molesters, Spiders And Math






There are few things that I openly Hate as much as I do Spiders, Child molesters and Math, the first two are pretty obvious and need no explanation. But occasionally smart people will question my logic when it comes to Math. I have been told that Math is one of the key advances in our society, without it many of the things we take for granted would never been brought to realization. So Yes, I understand Math is important, and everyone needs some basic knowledge of it in order to function properly in society…Blah, Blah, Blah


My Hate for Math started at any early age, I was in 3rd grade, at that time I thought I was a freaking Math genius, A virtual  “Mathlete” …Hell, I even volunteered to go up to the chalkboard and solve problems in front of everyone. In hindsight I guess I didn’t catch on that I wasn’t answering any of the problems correctly and what I thought were the looks of envy from my peers were actually looks of utter confusion.


So 3rd grade was the first year that we switched teachers for Math. Even at the young age of 8 or 9 you could sense which kids are  “Smarter”  than others. And it was hard to ignore that I was in a Math class full of  “Dumb”  kids, at first I couldn’t figure out why I was placed with all these Math rejects. Perhaps I was placed in there to Mentor them, or maybe the faculty thought it would be best to put some of the  “Smarter” kids in with the  “Dumb”  ones to give them examples on how they should be performing.


I would tell all my friends that were in the other Math classes that I was placed in the  “Dumb”  kids class to be their Mentor…They all laughed at me and told me that I was in that class because I was one of them…I was shocked…Angry..How could I be a one of the  “Dumb”  kids I was a freaking Math God.


After a few days I finally asked my teacher what the deal was. She very politely told me that there was no advanced Math classes, they were all the same…But then she added that my class just took a little extra time to work on stuff that’s why the other Math classes were further ahead….Oh I see.


Holy Cow… I truly was one of the  “Dumb”  kids, my Math world came crashing down around me, numbers no longer made sense, it may have well all been written in Chinese. I grew bitter, I refused to Add and Subtract…From 3rd grade on I would always Hate Math.


So Yes, Math is important, But you know what’s even more important Calculators, they level the playing field.. And if the problem requires a  “Scientific Calculator”  then I don’t want to have anything to do with it…Its Witchcraft.


Now a days the only Math I truly need to know is Gym Math…1 set with 10 reps…Equals Gains!

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