I’m Going To Call The Cops On You…





Okay all the people who hate Cops don’t bother reading this because it will upset you and you might want to bitch about it but nobody here will care. So there has been lots and lots of negative press about Cops lately…I know they all aren’t perfect just like in any field you will find a few bad apples…Hell, look at Politicians you will be lucky to find a few good apples…Just remember this people, the stereotype represents the minority not the majority…It might be hard for you to believe but it is true.


There are so many hard working, good Cops out there, busting their asses to protect and serve their communities. That includes us, the people who like to bitch and complain about cops when we get a ticket or break the law…But who are the very first people you call when you need help? That’s right the Cops!  So it boggles my mind why anyone would hate the Police, probably the same people who hate the Military…I can understand  “Criminals”  hating the cops, but everyday citizens? That’s just crazy.


I have a friend who’s kid is sixteen and is as white as snow, but he thinks he’s a Thug…I hear him once in a while talking trash about the Police…He likes to say Thuggy things like “Snitches get Stitches” and calls every Cop crooked and on power trips. I once tried to explain to him that wannabe Thugs like him end up in ditches or in prison as one of Bubbas Bitches but as usual kids just don’t want to hear it…they always know better…I see him and his friends walking around with their hats sideways and pants sagging…But these kids are as hard as Charmin…It’s almost comical.


If you take a minute and think about it, most of the people who are against the Police are the same people who are breaking the law….But like always as soon as something bad goes down they are the same people running to the phone to call 911..Anyone who behaves like that is just a Joke, they have no Honor or Character. If you consider the fact that the Police are one of the highest forms of Authority, I guess maybe it’s a way for some people to rebel? Sort of like when you were a kid and you rebelled against Mommy and Daddy or your Teachers…It made you feel like a real Bad Boy didn’t it?…A Rebel without a Clue.


The way I see it the Cops aren’t there to ruin your good time, As the Losers would lead you to believe…But if your  “Good Time”  puts me or my family at risk for having a bad time then you can bet your ass that I’m calling them on You…And if you do something to harm Me or my family YOU will Pray the Cops get there before I get a hold of You….Just Saying.


I personally like the Cops…Even when I get a ticket or do something stupid and break the law…You know why? Because I take responsibility for my actions, it’s not the Cops fault I screwed up…It’s mine. So yeah if things get out of hand I will call the Cops…Call me a Snitch. I don’t claim to be Hard, I am one that believes everyone is just one Ass Whooping away from being Humbled so it’s silly to play the tough guy…But I do know one thing, I would not do well in the joint, so instead of me doing something stupid to someone I would rather call the Cops and let them Taze you…And you will hear me yelling in the background…“World Star” … I’ve always wanted to do that.


So whatever you choose to call them..Pigs..Coppers..Five-Oh…The Man…It doesn’t matter, in my opinion they Rock and Deserve Respect…Your Respect.

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