Some Thoughts About Living A Successful Life….Or Pretty Close




We all measure success differently, some of us think success is having more money than you know what to do with, others measure success by their relationships with family and friends. I think if you’re just able to live your life well enough so that you’re happy, confident and secure in who you are and living the best version of your life that you can, that is a good measure of success.


If I have learned anything about life through all my trials and tribulations it is that very few things are a constant except  “Change”. There will always be change in your life in one form or another. People change, goals change, locations change, finances change. So just expect a fair amount of change in your life.


Here are a few things I have picked up on over the years, some stuff I learned too late and others came at the right time…Maybe some of these can help you.



~You are NOT a perfect person, don’t expect others to be..Learn how to forgive not only others but yourself…Shit happens learn from it, Forgive and Move on!


~When you have the ability to be Generous do so. Give back to others often. If you see a cause that is important to you then get involved.


~When it comes to Work, find something that you truly enjoy and have a passion for. Working just to pay the bills will leave you feeling empty inside, I know you have to do whatever to put food on the table. But never give up on pursuing your passion.


~Remember when your mother taught you about Respect (or should have taught you) never forget that. Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s that simple.


~Never stop trying to improve yourself or evolve as a person. You don’t have to keep going back to school and getting several degrees. Just never stop reading, learning, researching, asking questions and evaluating what kind of person you want to be. You’re never too old to learn something new.


~Be a Loyal ..Practice Integrity


~Understand that true Happiness does not come from money or possessions…These things are great and important in their own way but real Happiness comes from liking who YOU are, doing what you love and having relationships that are meaningful and important to you.


~F*ck Fear..Don’t be afraid of starting over, chasing a dream, asking for the things you want, doing the things you want. We only get ONE chance at life and too often we let fear control us and make decisions for us. Figure out what you want and go get it one step at a time!


~Always be Grateful and work daily on being a Positive person. Sometimes Life can be a mean son of a bitch and it will kick your ass many times. When it happens and believe me it will don’t allow yourself to be consumed by it..It’s only temporary..You will recover, You will Heal and You will be Stronger than before. So when Life knocks you down get your ass up and remember you are still Alive and you still have a chance Live a Happy Life!


Well I hope some of these can help you, Never give up on being the best version of yourself.





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