The Odor That Changed Everything….




So yesterday at the gym, I was finishing up “killin” the Iron and went into the locker room where I was greeted by one of the most fowl smells that has ever taken the journey up into my nasal cavity. It was as if an evil terrorist released a toxic biological agent in one of the stalls…I actually heard dozens of my nose hairs suddenly cry out in utter terror and were only silenced once they began to fall out like a dirty acid rain onto the sticky bathroom floor…Who would leave such a disgusting odor behind without leaving some sort of warning for the others?


This incident made me skip my normal “fake bake” session as I hurried home fearing permanent damage may have been done to my nasal cavity. So I did some online medical triage on myself and learned more about “Smelling” than I have in all these previous years of my life..To save you time and effort if you plan to research how smells work..And I know you are, here’s what you need to know.


Vaporized odor molecules float from the object giving off the smell, travel up your nose and dissolve into the mucus, or as WebMD calls it the Ear, Nose and Throat business…Snot. Under all that snot mucus there are receptor cells that detect the odor molecules and then send the info. Off to the Noggin or Brain.


Alright stop what you’re doing. Take a deep breath. Feel the cool air travel through your nose, down the back of your throat and even into your mouth. The air fills the whole nasal passage and parts of your oral cavity..Fresh air is pretty Awesome Huh?


Okay now let’s think about this whole scenario more carefully. If you can feel the fresh air filling your nasal cavity and travel down your throat and into parts of your mouth and when you smell something you are actually detecting tiny molecules from that object then whatever you smell is actually going up your nose, into your mouth and into your lungs.


Yeah so basically when you walk into a stinky ass bathroom vaporized parts of fecal matter and urine that are floating around in the air are being sucked into your nose and are being deposited into your nose, lungs and mouth. Speaking of mouths, I think I just spit up in mine.


So next time you are sitting next to that smelly guy on the plane remember that his body sweat has just been sucked up your nose and made a happy little home in your mouth. Or how about that elderly woman who sits in front of you at your kids band performance …The Cotton top lets loose with some elderly gas and you suck it in..That’s right you got Grannies butt funk in your mouth now.


I hope I have been able to educate you all out there on what really occurs when you smell a really horrible life changing odor. As for myself I knew instantly as I exited the locker room my life was now on a downward spiral.

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