The Kardashians In Montana…




Recently our state of Montana made the news..Not for all the many things that our state is famous for like unreasonably long and brutal winters, But No..we made the news because of who was in our state and slid off the road..Oppsie


Was it Obama..Nope he was busy making sure everyone knew his friends the Muslim Terrorists weren’t being unfairly maligned in the media. Could it have been Justin Bieber?. He was rumored to be looking at property here in the state. But No..He was busy smoking pot and pissing in mop bucks somewhere…Sadly it turned out to be the Kardashians, the ever over-hyped un-reality TV stars. Honestly, how is it that these people have become so rich and famous just for being their fake ass selves? What is wrong with this country? Why do we pay them any attention? I usually never think twice about them but even I got sucked into the drama and felt compelled to write something about it…I am just as much to blame now!!


But now that I have started this I must finish it..I did some research and found out that the Kardashians still have a TV show. ..And that they turned Bruce into a Tranny, and it appears he recently killed someone on the highway,what the heck is going on? And now the younger Kardashians/Jenner girls are models and that means that this family of narcissists will continue to be in the public eye for generations to come. God Help Us All!!


Well since the Kardashians survived their near brush with death (sarcasm)  here in Montana, which means their reality (more sarcasm) TV show will continue to go on like a never ending rash on societies back-side, the only logical thing to do in my opinion is to find something occupy your time while the show is on the TV.


Further research tells me that well over 3 million idiots watch their TV show…. By choice! I was thinking maybe 2.5 million of them might be forced to watch it as part of some weird treatment program, or that prison systems force their inmates to watch it as punishment.


But since the facts are the facts and there are 3 million plus people out there who enjoy this crap, so if so many of you want to waste 60 minutes of your life then perhaps I can help by suggesting a few alternative ways you can waste 60 minutes and still feel like you have accomplished nothing and your brain cells are just as dead.


Here is An American In Montana’s alternatives to Kardashian watching…


~Take 60 minutes of your day walking around your neighborhood telling truant kids to “Stay in School”

~Help Old Ladies in the Walmart parking lot load their grocery bags into their cars for an hour.

~Write a letter to Kanye telling him that Beyoncé secretly hates him and to knock his creepy shit off.

~Contact the E! Entertainment Network and tell them that it would be way more interesting if they ran a show called  “Paint Drying in the Sun”

~Instagram the Kardashians pictures of you driving on the road, while not sliding off and making the news.

~Take a stand against materialism… At least for 60 min. But make sure you are wearing designer clothing at the time, to ensure that you are sending mixed messages.

Or.…Better yet start a blog and write some dribble about the Kardashians for 60 mins….Well it only took me 18 mins, so I guess I will spend the rest of my time on Facebook trolling my friends.

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