Excuse Me Sir…I Believe Your Over-Compensating


Okay so it’s time to  “Poke”  a little fun at some guys out there who may or may not have a “Shortcoming” or two that they are obviously trying over compensate for in other areas. I have been seeing a few great examples on Facebook the last few weeks and no better time than the present to call them out.

So guy’s part of being a Man is accepting what you have to work with and not going crazy trying to make it something that it’s not. People will always figure out what your insecure about, so don’t make yourself a huge target and draw their attention to your issues.

Here are a few signs that you just might be overcompensating for something…


~You Wear A Giant Watch

If you’re lugging around a heavy ass wall clock on your wrist it might be sending the wrong signal, especially if your little wrist is in danger of snapping.


~All Your T-Shirts Have “Extreme” Messages

If your shirt says something like  “Make Me A Sammich”  or  ‘No Fat Chicks”  it may as well say  “I Am Worried About My Junk”


~If You Wear A Lot Of Jewelry

This usually means  “Hey, look up here, Not down there”… Look Ladies, Look how Shiny it is..Yeah, so perhaps leave the jewelry at home.


~Your Car Is Way Too Fancy

I think they make half a million dollar cars for a reason…So celebrities can drive drunk. But you’re not a celebrity right? If your car’s engine is loud enough to rattle windows you might be trying to drown out the sound of your own self-doubt.


~Cigar Smokers

Come on, that’s just straight Freudian..You may have a Robusto in your hand, but there’s probably as cigarillo in your pants.


~You Brag About How Many Women You Sleep With

You can always tell a real player by the fact he keeps his score to himself.


~You Get In A Lot Of Fights

Your misplaced aggression is a classic sign that you are either overcompensating for your junk or your just a total Douchebag.


~You Talk About Your Own Member A Lot

To paraphrase the great Teddy Roosevelt: If you speak softly, you probably carry a big stick.


If any of these signs hit’s a nerve with you, now would be a good time to stop doing them.

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