Wanna Kick It With Me?





So we all have a few bad habits, right? At least I would like to think that nobody is that perfect…that would be a scary person to be around in my book.

So I’m currently working with a few friends to help each other kick some bad habits, sort of a little support collective, where we are constantly reminding each other and holding each other accountable, having a small support group really has been helpful.

So when it comes to dealing with bad habits and attempting to get rid of them suckers, having self-pity and making excuses will not get you anywhere. In fact they can be detrimental to your success.

And I am defining success in this case as utterly destroying your bad habits and replacing them with positive habits. If we let our mindset get stuck in a place where we are making excuses and acting like a victim, it can feel like we are working in quicksand, the more we struggle the more difficult it becomes to reach a success.

So our little support group has come up with these ideas which can certainly help anyone trying to get rid of your bad habits…


~Write Your Habits Down On Paper

If you’re not old school like me and are unfamiliar with paper then go ahead and use your Ipad or some techie device, anyways just make sure you get ALL your bad habits written out. Not only does this show you’re serious about addressing your issues, it also makes it easy for you to keep an eye on it.

Write down the habits that you think are dragging you down the most and having a negative impact on your life in some way.


~Categorize Your Habits

Some of our bad habits can be dealt with fairly quickly compared to others, some habits are more urgent than others. For example. Smoking habits are a lot more urgent because they are potentially life threatening. Unlike habits such as allowing clutter to build up in your office or work space, this wouldn’t be as urgent.

Categorize your habits like this:

High Priority

Medium Priority

Low Priority

Or whichever way you think works best for you.


~Set Up Boundaries

When you’re on the verge of destroying your bad habits or minimizing them you’re bound to face a few distractions. For example. If you’re trying to quit smoking, you’re probably going to notice other smokers, or be around friends and family who smoke. You might notice the cigarette packs behind the counters of stores you go into.

Using the smoking example. Your best approach might be..

Asking your friends not to smoke around you

Letting your family know you’re trying to quit

Inform everyone to prevent them asking you anything related to smoking

Replacing the bad habit of smoking with a healthier one like. Writing or bike riding.

The same goes for any other bad habit you want to get rid of, another example would be over spending. In this case you might be best off..

Splurging once a month instead of spending multiple times per week

Replacing your habit of over spending with over saving

Figuring out ways to earn more money, so if you do “splurge” it isn’t as much of a financial issue.

And so on..


~Focus On One Habit At A Time

You might have more than one bad habit to conquer, and yes you are eager to get rid of them, but try to relax. Focus on one habit at a time. That way you can put ALL your focus into that one habit you want to get rid of. And then when that habit has been dealt with, you can move onto the next one.


~Participate With A Friend Or Group

I have noticed when I do an activity with someone other than just myself, it pushes me and get me motivated more. If I want to get some cardio done and I have a training partner, I’m more likely to get it done. Being held accountable by someone else can really help keep you on track.


~Review Your Progress

If you don’t know how well you’ve been doing, you won’t know if you’re progressing or not. You won’t know if you’re getting any closer to achieving your goals. Write down the progress you make every day and keep it recorded, sort of a Goal Journal. Treat it like a 30 day challenge or something similar. Check up on your progress as often as you can and make adjustments as you go if needed.

Maybe you won’t succeed the first time around or even the 5th time, but when you do you’ll know about it. Because the evidence will be there to back it up.


~Celebrate Your Success

When you finally achieve your goal and destroy that nasty habit, celebrate it.

Celebrate it in any way you know best, whether that’s treating yourself to a spa day. a night out, a party, it really doesn’t matter how. Just do it.

Most of us are quick to pick at our failures and mistakes, yet we’re not so quick to mention or celebrate our successes. So with each bad habit you replace, make an effort to do that, and do it well.


Good luck on replacing your negative habits with positive ones..YOU CAN DO IT!!

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