There’s A Place Called Happyville….

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Raise your hand if you want to be Happy? Hello. Anyone? Oh there you are, you gotta throw that hand up like you mean it Princess! Okay, of course everyone wants to be Happy right? Unless your one of those Goth kids who thinks Happiness is too mainstream.


Life can be a  bitch, and not any ol’ bitch, more like your ex who hates you and wishes you dead kinda bitch which means sometimes we get so bogged down by the daily crap thrown at us that it seems hard to figure out what we need to do in order to just simply be Happy.


So in order to find Happiness you need to ask people who are genuinely Happy what their secret is..No worries, I took care of this for you..The general consensus among the truly Happy folks is that they know how to let stuff go.


Like anything new, it might take a while for you to completely change your mindset, but if you can wrap your head around it and let these little “Un-Happiness” inducers go then you will be heading to downtown Happyville.



I would say everyone needs to go through some levels of stress, if you have a job, well that can be stressful, as can be kids, spouse, family in general, cats, heck almost everything can have some sort of stress attached to it. But when we let stress rule our lives and have it affect our personal relationships, we start losing our innate happiness. Stress is normal, but it should not be a constant. You can stress about something big going down at work or a major life event, but never let that stress interfere with who you are as a person. Be a Positive and keep that positive mindset in all aspects of your life, don’t let the evil stress surround you. Stress can haunt you and make you a miserable person. Believe it or not other people can usually pick up on a person’s aura, and if you radiate a Positive and Happy one everywhere you go, then Happy people are more likely to gravitate towards you.


You’re Age

So it seems everywhere you look these days you will find all these anti-aging miracle products. If you look to the land of fake “Hollywood” it is full of actors and actresses who have gone under the knife in order to look younger than they truly are. Plastic surgery has become so common and so widespread that even young girls are already wanting to get nose jobs or breast implants. But let’s face facts, no matter what magic serum you take or surgery you have done, nobody can deny the passage of time. Yes, you are growing older as you read this, But growing old is only a state of mind. You can choose to cry over your first grey hair and the wrinkles that are forming on your face, or you can celebrate the fact that you’re entering your golden years and that you’ve now become better, wiser and stronger than you were before. They say that growing old is a privilege not everyone gets blessed with, so instead of worrying about the circles under your eyes, just “Let it go” (Hey, isn’t there a song with that name? is it stuck in your head now. Awesome) so when you do actually “Let it go” you will find that you will become even younger than you actually are. That’s the secret to youth right there!



I truly believe one of the most destructive attitudes in a person is the inability to take responsibility for their own actions. There are people who “always” make excuses for others and themselves. “it wasn’t my fault”..”I can’t do it today”..”Nobody told me”..”Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow”..”I don’t have what it takes”  Blah, Blah, Blah and Blah..In order to become truly Happy with your life, you need to stop making excuses. Own up to your mistakes, take responsibility for everything you do and say. Most importantly, deliver concrete results, Talk is cheap like that bottom shelf wine you drink. Take the first step in making yourself a Happier person by doing something about it right the hell NOW!…Start by letting your excuses go..Bye Bye Excuses.


You’re Past

Hey here is a clue. The Past is Past. It’s over and done with. Maybe the events that occurred might still have their repercussions today, you can’t dwell on the past forever and forget about your future. Let go of that anger, drop those silly grudges, and your mistakes. Instead of punishing yourself over previous endeavors or torturing yourself with what you should have done differently, concentrate on the Right Now!. Live for today!. Because what you do today is what’s going to affect your future. Each day is a precious gift to start over and do your best. So stop that bullshit of always pressing “Rewind” and press “Play” instead.


Toxic People

So let’s face it no matter how nice of a person you are, there are always going to be people who don’t like you (Boo Hoo) They will gossip about you, talk about you behind your back or even purposely try to cause you some sort of metaphysical pain (I’m so glad I finally got to use that word) These people are “Toxic” and you are so much better off without them in your life. So think about these scenarios and see if they apply to your life. Is a “so-called” friend not being supportive of your dreams and goals? Is an acquaintance constantly trying to bring you down? Is one of your co-workers shooting down every single one of your ideas? You will never be able to please everyone, so just do what you can and be the best person you can be. Those who can’t stand it shouldn’t even be around you in the first place. So get rid of those “Toxic” people and build an inner circle of Positive and Supportive people who help bring out the best in you.


Well now you have a few places to start, you know what you need to do, so get busy today and I will save a protein shake for you in Happyville.

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