Ten Things To Improve Your Life…





Okay for those of you who like short and simple, this one is for you, here are ten different ways to improve your life. I’m fairly confident that by picking a few things off this list and following through with it, they could help you turn this simple little snowball of an idea into an avalanche of Awesomeness!! While some of these are health/fitness related, some have nothing to do with health/fitness but will help you either feel better, look better, or help make this world slightly better.


~ Stop thinking so much…. We tend to over-analyze every situation until it’s far more complicated and stressful than it needs to be.  Sometimes you just need to shut off your brain and go for it.


~Start a weight-loss contest at work…Everybody throws in 20 bucks, whoever loses the highest percentage of body weight in a month gets to keep the cash.  Money is one hell of a motivator.


~Don’t eat fast food for lunch…pretty simple, say NO to McCrapper.


~Stop drinking soda…Even the diet kind.


~Stop slouching..(total pet peeve of mine) Pull your shoulder blades back and pick your chin up.  You’ll look thinner, project more confidence, and your lower back will stop hurting from sitting improperly all day.


~Smile more… Not a creepy smile either, but a genuine one.


~Learn how to do a proper squat... No squat machine, no leg press…a REAL ACTUAL SQUAT with a bar across your shoulders.


~Try a new vegetable… They won’t hurt, I promise


~Drink more water…It all you need to drink, try it


~Call somebody and tell them that you love them… Your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, parents, grandparents, whoever.  You probably don’t say it enough, and you know how great it is to hear it.  Spread the love!

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