Why You Should Do It With A Friend





Okay let’s take a moment and think about all the great duos in history. Do you think we would have the incredible, edible, ice cream flavors we now have if Ben and Jerry didn’t get together? Do you think history would ever be the same if Salt and Peppa didn’t team up to give us “Push It”? Or how about Derek Zoolander, Do you think he could have stopped Mugatu and created the Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too without Hansel? I think not Homie!

How about when you were a kid, did you and your friends ever play Contra on the old school Nintendo? ..That game was freaking impossible if you were flying solo, but tag team it though and those aliens didn’t stand a chance. Exercising is no different, It’s better when you do it with a friend.


Alright so it’s a New Year and a New You..right? And you have made the best decision you’re probably going to make this year already, the decision to get in shape. Sure you’re feeling motivated and excited for the first week or so because things are going great for you…then it snows one day (Here in Montana that happens a lot) and you decide not to work out. Then you have a rough day at work, maybe you were bitchin about your boss to a friend at work and he/she heard you, then fired you! So you take the next day or two off from exercising and stuff your face with Ben&Jerry’s while watching Zoolander all day. Pretty soon you’re right back where you started. However, if you have a good friend who is going through the same thing you are, you can get through the rough patches together and make your lives better. So let’s discuss 5 reasons why you will be more successful at reaching your health and fitness goals if you do it with a friend.


1) First and Foremost it will be more FUN. If you’re new to working out, or going to a new gym or taking a new fitness class for the first time you will be more at ease with a friend. And besides sometimes working out can get kind of boring, Running gets dull, Sticking with your routine every day can get repetitive. And nobody wants to hear about how much you can bench or how many pull ups you did yesterday, especially if they don’t exercise.  (Believe me, I tell people all the time and I can see it in their faces, they don’t want to hear this shit..But I tell them anyways just to mess with their heads)

However, if you have a workout buddy, you can Snapchat, or Facebook each other all damn day telling each other what’s the new plan for the gym and they will listen, because they are on the same page as you. And when you meet up at the gym, you will have somebody to talk to, crack silly jokes with, and somebody to listen to how crappy your day was (Just don’t overdo it..we all have limits) Besides, with your friend there you can have healthy debates like, what’s better “Breaking Bad” or “Walking Dead” and probably most importantly you can debate whether or not that guy or girl over there is hot or not.


2) Accountability…When you decide to slack off and you have nobody to answer to, then you will let it slide. However, if you’re part of a team and you start slacking off then you let everyone down, the guilt kicks in..Curse you guilt!! When you work out and exercise with a buddy you won’t be able to skip workouts so easily. When you have crappy days and don’t feel like hitting the gym your buddy can smack some sense into you and even drag your ass there if need be. You will feel much better after the workout anyways..It’s a fact

One of the most important things about exercising is sticking to a consistent schedule, if you work out with a buddy you’re 85.3% more likely to stick with it. (Yes, I totally made that percentage up, but it’s probably true)


3) Information Sharing….Fitness is one of those totally Awesome things you’re always learning something new about, and two minds are better than one, so think of how many things you can learn from two people sharing the same goals. You will be sharing information, workout tips, maybe even healthy recipes you dig up (Or phone numbers to good take-out places if you’re as useless in the kitchen as me)

Buying workout equipment/ gear. Might be cheaper if you split it with your buddy. Buying a Gym Membership? Find out how much the gym will pay you for referring a friend and split the savings. Want a personal trainer? Ask what the rates are for two people at once instead of just one. Save money. Get Smarter. Be more efficient. What the Hell’s not to like?


4) Spotting…I remember long ago, my first time hitting the gym, other than looking like a total moron, I loaded up too much weight on the bar and tried to do some bench presses, ended up dropping it on my chest and onto the floor. It was an Epic fail.

To avoid situations like this, work out with your buddy who can spot you while you’re lifting. If you’re trying to gain more muscle mass, you make the most gains during those last one or two repetitions which are extremely hard because you’re nearing muscle failure, so it can be dangerous doing these exercises without a spotter.

However, if you have your buddy there helping you along and motivating you to push it just a little harder, then you’re going to get more out of your exercises. Start good habits and good form on each exercise from the beginning, and you’re way less likely to get hurt from lifting improperly.


5) Motivation…Think back to your grade school days, when you had to run the mile, you made it 3/4ths of the way around the soccer field and gave up. There was no motivation to go, nobody yelling positive words of encouragement…Perhaps the only one there was Pete the bully making fun of your sweatpants because it looks like you peed your pants (Maybe you did. It’s all good) When you’re out running to get your ass in shape and you have another mile to go, it’s pretty easy to just give up ( I hate running so if I didn’t have someone with me, I might even quit) and call it a day because your too tired. (Life Rule #85 No Excuses) Play like a Champion! When you’re running with your buddy or trying to get that last Rep done. His/Her words of encouragement will help push you farther than you think you could go.


Alright, so there you have it amigos. Now, it comes down to what friend you want to pick to be your workout buddy. Pick someone who will be there the long haul, someone that will make you a better person in the gym. If you can find a friend who has already worked out before, even better, then they can show you the ropes.


Have A Kick Ass Day!!




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